Avalanches In Chile Stranded Dozens In The Mountain Towns

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Dozens of people are stranded after avalanches in Chile, blanketed mountain towns, blocking roads and cutting off access, authorities reported.

Heavy rain and snowstorms over recent days have resulted in significant snow accumulation across the province of Maipo, located in central Chile. This has led to road closures and the isolation of several small towns and a popular ski centre in the Cajon del Maipo mountain range.

avalanches in Chile

Efforts to Reach Stranded Individuals

Authorities are actively working to reach those stranded and bring them to safety. “We are doing everything possible to reach them and take them to a safe area,” stated Alejandra Cortes, a federal government delegate to Cordillera province. Cortes also mentioned that authorities might trigger a controlled avalanche in the coming days to clear the snow if it does not happen naturally first.

At the Lagunillas Ski Center, 33 people, including eight children, are trapped due to the snow slides. Lieutenant Colonel Bernardo Leiva of Chile’s national police confirmed that no injuries have been reported at the ski resort, and food supplies have been delivered to those trapped.

Isolated Towns Await Rescue

A second avalanche has further complicated rescue efforts by blocking an access road, leaving nine people trapped in the town of Banos Morales and 20 more in Lo Valdes. According to the office of Alejandra Cortes, both towns are waiting for snow plows to clear the roads, where the avalanche has left up to 10 meters (33 feet) of snow.

Authorities have been monitoring the situation closely. Moreover, they are coordinating efforts to ensure the safety of the people who are affected by the avalanches. The immediate focus is on reaching the stranded individuals and providing them with necessary supplies and assistance.

In summary, avalanches in Chile has caused significant disruptions, isolating mountain towns and a ski resort. Authorities are working continuously to clear the roads and bring the stranded people to safety, with controlled avalanches and snow plows being considered to manage the situation.

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