Heatwave In The US Sizzles East Coast And Extends To Midwest

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More than 100 million people are struggling because of the heatwave in the US. Cities on the East Coast braced for record-breaking temperatures as the heat dome causing these dangerous conditions expanded westward.

Officials warned of perilous conditions in the Philadelphia region, where high humidity could push heat indices above 105°F (41°C). The combination of high temperatures and humidity makes it feel even hotter than the temperature it is in real.

heatwave in the US

Heatwave in the US Impact and Forecast

National Weather Service meteorologist Marc Chenard explained the broader implications. “It likely means we’ll be seeing periodic periods of excessive heat across a decent part of the country into July,” he said. “Not continuous at any one spot, but the overall pattern will continue to favor these above normal temperatures.”

While temperatures have cooled in the Ohio Valley, Great Lakes, and New England regions, excessive heat in the 90s°F continues to stretch from Virginia to New York. This heat wave has prompted officials to issue warnings and advisories across multiple states.

Global Consequences and Local Emergencies

Extreme heat is not limited to the United States. It is suspected of causing hundreds of deaths across Asia and Europe. In Saudi Arabia, more than 1,000 people died during Haj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, due to sweltering temperatures, according to a Reuters tally.

The weather has triggered multiple emergencies in New Mexico. Officials are dealing with a dust storm, flooding, and two wildfires. These simultaneous weather events underscore the severity of the current heat wave and its far-reaching impacts.

As the heatwave in the US continues to sizzle across the East Coast and extend into the Midwest, residents are urged to stay hydrated, avoid outdoor activities during peak heat, and take necessary precautions to stay safe.

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