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Tesla SolarCity was founded in 2006 as a home and business solar service that manufactured and installed its solar panels and equipment. The company was located in Fremont, California, before being acquired by Tesla Inc. for $2.6 billion in 2016. Tesla SolarCity was widely regarded as one of the best solar companies leading up to 2016. It frequently gained attention for its ambitious technology, high-profile installations, and proximity to Tesla’s eccentric CEO, Elon Musk, who served on SolarCity’s board before the acquisition.

Tesla SolarCity was created by Musk’s cousins, Lyndon and Peter Rive. Faced with financial challenges, SolarCity found a saviour in Tesla, led by Elon Musk. Tesla’s acquisition of SolarCity in 2016 was viewed as a rescue, and the move was met with varied views. While SolarCity investors hailed the acquisition, Tesla shareholders were less happy and concerned about the implications of SolarCity’s financial troubles on Tesla’s future.

Tesla Solar City Products

tesla solarcity

1. Workers install SolarCity panels in Los Angeles Solar Panels: SolarCity’s panels were formerly among the most efficient on the market, surpassing industry leader SunPower in 2015. Tesla remains focused on powerful solar panels, recently revealing 420- to 430-watt modules.

2. Electric Vehicle Chargers: SolarCity’s EV chargers, an ideal complement for Tesla, first appeared on the market in 2010. Tesla aimed to bridge the gap between SolarCity and Tesla Motors with solar-powered EV chargers as part of its grand strategy to become a sustainable energy conglomerate.

3. Solar Roof: Though only a prototype at the time, SolarCity’s solar roof technology allowed homeowners to install solar shingles that looked like any other roof but generated electricity in the same manner that solar panels do. This concept evolved into Tesla’s present Solar Roof tiles.

Tesla Solar City Services

  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades: SolarCity partners with home energy providers to provide energy efficiency assessments, upgrades, technologies, and solar systems.
  • Commercial Solar Installations: SolarCity has executed several high-profile commercial solar projects, from eBay headquarters to Intel campuses.

Conclusively, Tesla Solar has not succeeded, with most of its revenue coming from traditional solar panel sales and installations. Tesla’s much-anticipated solar roofs have taken longer and cost more to arrive. However, as Tesla’s popularity grows and solar technology advances, there is hope that Tesla Solar will one day realise Elon Musk’s ambition and justify his efforts in SolarCity. SolarCity’s narrative demonstrates the difficulty of developing in the renewable energy business. Its journey from pioneering startup to Tesla demonstrates the hurdles of growing sustainable technologies and the value of strategic pivots in business. As the globe shifts to cleaner energy sources, the lessons from SolarCity’s saga remain pertinent and instructive.

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