USA Imposes Complete Ban On Asbestos, Responsible For 40,000 Annual Deaths

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After three decades of persistent efforts, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the USA imposes a complete ban on asbestos. It was the only remaining form of the mineral still in use in the US.

This decisive action comes in response to an alarming statistic. It reveals that asbestos-related illnesses contribute to approximately 40,000 deaths annually in the country.

The EPA’s ban specifically targets chrysotile asbestos, commonly known as “white asbestos,”. It has long been associated with lung cancer and other fatal respiratory diseases. Despite previous attempts by the agency to implement restrictions, a federal judge thwarted these efforts 33 years ago.

USA Imposes Complete Ban On Asbestos, Responsible For 40,000 Annual Deaths

However, the EPA has finally recognized the urgent need to address this public health crisis. That’s why it has now officially prohibited the import and use of this hazardous substance.

In a statement addressing the significance of this milestone, EPA Administrator Michael Regan emphasized the importance of banning it. The chemical is deemed so perilous that it has already been banned in over 50 countries. Regan’s statement underscores the necessity of taking decisive action to safeguard public health.

Chrysotile asbestos, valued for its heat and fire resistance, has been utilized in various industries. Some of them include automotive manufacturing and chemical production. While its use has diminished over the years, it still poses a substantial threat to public health.

The EPA’s ban represents a crucial step towards mitigating this risk. Moreover, it’ll protect workers and consumers alike from exposure to this deadly substance.

With this move, the United States joins the ranks of nations committed to banning asbestos. It is important to acknowledge that this issue extends beyond its borders. With approximately 70 countries already having implemented bans, efforts to eradicate asbestos-related diseases must continue on a global scale.

Despite the EPA’s landmark decision, challenges remain on the horizon. Environmental and public health advocates stress the need for further legislative action to address other forms of asbestos and ensure comprehensive protection for all individuals.

The EPA’s ban marks a significant milestone in the fight against asbestos-related diseases. However, constant vigilance and advocacy will be essential in maintaining progress and safeguarding public health for generations to come.

The EPA’s implementation of a complete ban on asbestos signifies a crucial victory for public health. As the USA imposes a complete ban on asbestos, it underscores the agency’s commitment to addressing pressing environmental challenges.

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