NASA On Climate Change: Earth’s Orbit Responsible, Not Humans!

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For over six decades, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been aware of the natural and normal changes in planetary weather patterns. Surprisingly, the space agency has chosen to remain silent, allowing the man-made global warming hoax to persist and harm human freedom.

NASA on climate change

In 1958, NASA, on climate change, made a significant observation: alterations in the solar orbit of the Earth, as well as changes in its axial tilt, are responsible for the climate variations we witness today. Contrary to popular belief, humans are not warming or cooling the planet through activities like driving SUVs or consuming beef.

Unfortunately, NASA has refrained from setting the record straight and has silently watched as liberals succumb to fearmongering about the world’s impending doom in twelve years due to excessive livestock or plastic straw usage.

Back in 2000, NASA did publish information on the Milankovitch Climate Theory, which explains that external factors unrelated to human activity are causing the planet to change. Yet, this vital information remains largely unknown even nineteen years later, resulting in deranged climate-obsessed leftists claiming that the Earth will perish in just eighteen months due to increased carbon dioxide (CO2) levels.

The Impact of Solar Radiation on Climate

Serbian astrophysicist Milutin Milankovitch proposed a theory that seasonal and latitudinal variations in solar radiation play a crucial role in shaping Earth’s climate patterns. According to him, the amount and timing of solar radiation reaching the planet have the most significant impact on climate change.

Earth’s obliquity, or change in axial tilt, affects both its rotational orientation and axis. Higher tilts lead to more extreme seasons, while lower tilts result in milder ones. Earth’s rotational axis, depending on the hemisphere facing the sun during perihelion, also influences the differences in seasonal extremes between hemispheres.

Milankovitch developed a comprehensive mathematical model based on these variables to calculate surface temperatures throughout Earth’s history. The conclusion is clear: Earth’s climate has always experienced natural changes and remains in a constant state of flux, independent of human activities.

Initially overlooked for nearly fifty years, Milankovitch’s theory gained recognition in 1976 when a study published in the journal Science confirmed its accuracy. The study showed that Milankovitch’s theory aligns with historical climate change periods.

The Global Warming Hoax

To simplify, the most significant factor shaping weather and climate patterns on Earth is the sun. Climate conditions vary dramatically depending on Earth’s position relative to the sun, often leading to extreme abnormalities that challenge established beliefs about our planet.

However, instead of embracing this truth, today’s climate scientists, accompanied by leftist politicians and a complicit mainstream media, insist that trivial actions like using reusable grocery bags and not owning an electric vehicle are hastening the planet’s destruction. They propose global climate taxes as the solution.

In conclusion, knowledge of NASA on climate change of the natural causes of climate change, particularly the influence of solar activity, has been kept hidden. While humans play a negligible role in altering the climate, fearmongering and misinformation perpetuate the man-made global warming hoax. It is time for the truth to prevail, allowing society to focus on real environmental challenges and make informed decisions to protect our planet.

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