How To Clean Solar Panel Installed On Roof?

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One of the most often asked concerns among homeowners is how to clean the solar panel installed on their roofs. Although most solar panels are self-cleaning, they still require proper cleaning and maintenance.

How Do you Clean a Solar Panel Installed on the Roof?

Here are the steps for cleaning your solar panel installed on roofs:

How to Clean Solar Panel Installed on Roof?

1. Shut down the entire system

The safest course of action is to turn off the entire system, which includes isolating the panels for the time being. This eliminates even the possibility of a short circuit, which might eventually cause the house to burn down.

2. Fasten your safety harness

Please make sure you are safe before going to the roof. It is a very critical step in the procedure. Whether you use domestic solar, you must prioritise your safety.

3. Choose a cool day or early morning

As you may be aware, solar panel installed on roofs are protected by a layer of glass that prevents dirt, filth, scratches, and other damage. A bright sunny day may cause the glass layer to get highly heated, so a splash of chilly water could fracture it.

4. Start with plain water

Solar panels are usually covered in dust, dirt, bird droppings, pollen, etc. They eventually dry out on the surface and become trapped. To soften the dirt, spray liberal amounts of water on the panels with the hose. This procedure does not require a pressure washer; in fact, using too much pressure can irreversibly harm the solar panels.

5. Use a soft, bristled brush

Scrub carefully with a soft bristle brush to dislodge the dirt, and then spritz it down with water. Scrub gently; solar panels are fragile.

6. Use a mild cleaning agent

Professionals recommend using a very light and diluted cleaning agent, such as dish soap diluted in water or any soapy water free of dangerous chemicals that can destroy the solar panels installed on the roofs.

7. Use a squeegee

Finally, the water is removed from the surface of the solar panel installed. To accomplish this, use a high-quality squeegee. This step is vital since allowing the water to dry on the surface will result in watermarks all over the panel, reducing the effectiveness of your solar array. Yes, watermarks can reduce your panel’s efficiency rate.

Top Solar Rooftop Cleaning Companies

  1. Go Green Solar Clean, California: The highly trained personnel have extensive experience in the solar panel cleaning sector. They utilise only ecologically friendly products to keep the solar panels in good condition for years. Additionally, the services are reasonably priced.
  2. Peak Solar Pro, Massachusetts: Use the most efficient methods for solar panel maintenance, including robotic and manual cleaning options. Each property is unique, and a site visit allows for determining the optimal cleaning approach and issues such as water availability, soiling factors, bird challenges, and safety concerns.
  3. Monster Steamer and Air Duct Cleaning Services, California: Specialise in providing superior solar panel cleaning services in San Diego that can restore a property’s pristine appearance. The professional crew uses cutting-edge cleaning procedures and commercial-grade equipment to remove accumulated dirt, grime, and debris, resulting in a completely clean panel.
  4. Tech Cleaning, Florida: The highly experienced technicians use cutting-edge technologies and techniques to keep your panels clean and efficient. They enjoy hassle-free services and cheap costs, making them the first choice for all your solar panel cleaning requirements.

In conclusion, solar panel installed on roofs are pricey, but they pay off in the long run and are extremely environmentally beneficial. It’s usually a good idea to clean your solar panels yourself regularly. However, nothing can substitute the importance of regular maintenance and cleaning by professionals.

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