Global Clean Energy Investments To Reach $2 Billion In 2024: EIA

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Global clean energy investments in technology and infrastructure are expected to reach $2 trillion this year. This rise will mark a significant milestone. This amount is double the investment in fossil fuels, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Global clean energy investments

Record-Breaking Energy Investment

For the first time in history, total energy investment is projected to exceed $3 trillion in 2024. This data comes from the IEA’s annual World Energy Investment report. Out of this total, $2 trillion is set aside for clean technologies.

These include renewables, electric vehicles, nuclear power, grids, storage, low-emission fuels, efficiency improvements, and heat pumps. The remaining funds will be directed towards the gas, oil, and coal sectors.

The IEA report highlighted a major shift in the energy investment landscape. In 2023, investment in renewable power and grids surpassed spending on fossil fuels for the first time. This trend continues in 2024, indicating a strong global move towards cleaner energy sources.

For every dollar going to fossil fuels today, almost two dollars are invested in clean energy,” said IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol. He attributes this rise in clean energy spending to robust economic factors, ongoing cost reductions, and energy security concerns.

Global Leaders in Clean Energy Investment

China is set to lead the world in clean energy investment in 2024, with an estimated $675 billion. Europe and the United States follow, with expected investments of $370 billion and $315 billion, respectively.

This significant funding in clean energy technologies underscores the commitment of these regions. Their commitment is to combat climate change and enhance energy security.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology is the focal point of this investment surge. The IEA projects that spending on solar PV will grow to $500 billion in 2024. This growth is driven by the continued decline in solar module prices. It further makes solar energy more accessible and cost-effective.

Despite the strong focus on clean energy, global upstream oil and gas investment is also on the rise. The IEA expects a 7% increase in 2024, reaching $570 billion. This follows a similar increase in 2023, primarily driven by national oil companies in the Middle East and Asia.

However, the report notes ongoing challenges in energy investment in some parts of the world. Emerging and developing economies outside China continue to face shortfalls in energy investment. These regions require significant support to transition to cleaner energy sources and meet their growing energy demands.


The IEA’s latest report highlights a pivotal shift in global clean energy investments. With $2 trillion directed towards clean energy, the world is steadily moving away from fossil fuels. The major economies like China, Europe, and the United States lead this transformation. Their focus is on renewable energy, particularly solar PV, which is set to reshape the energy landscape.

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