Best Solar Watch Models Of 2024

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Solar watches are the pinnacle of modern timekeeping. They are widely available, generally affordable, and embody the hyper-accuracy and self-sufficiency that genuine horology strives for. However, not all watches in this category are equal. There should be an open discussion about which models qualify as the most significant solar watch models available.

Which are the best Solar Watch Models of 2024?

Best solar watch models of 2024

1. Timex Expedition Scout Solar Watch

When looking for a solar watch, we want something practical, functional, and dependable. Essentially, if you are seeking a field watch. Field watches are simple, grab-and-go timepieces that keep up with you while precisely displaying the current time. Few watch collections better represent these ideas, such as the Timex Expedition Scout Solar Watch. The dial’s perimeter contains large and legible indices, while smaller numerals indicating military time are adjacent to that track. The size is also quite sensible. At 40mm in diameter, the watch is small enough not to be distracting when wearing it, yet with a lug-to-lug measurement of 49mm and a case thickness of 13mm, it still has enough body to feel secure and sturdy on your wrist.

  • Solar Charging Duration: 5 hours
  • Duration of Full Charge Operation: 2 months
  • Price Range: $50-$80

2. Casio G-Shock GW6900-1

G-Shocks debuted in 1983 and have frequently been the unsung heroes of dependability, functionality, and the real essence of a no-frills, shock-resistant watch. The series was further enhanced in 1998 with the introduction of the G-Shock Tough Solar movement. Since then, G-Shocks have developed themselves as the ideal and ubiquitous solar watch for individuals seeking a more sporty style that can withstand practically any challenge.

The GW6900-1 digital watch, one of the brand’s most iconic and approachable design versions, has long been a staple of the G-Shock Tough Solar Watches product line.

  • Solar Charging Duration: 5 hours
  • Full Charge Operational Period: 9 months
  • Price Range:$80-$140

3. Casio G-Shock GWM 5610-1

The G-Shock GMW5610-1 digital watch, which has many of the same features as the GW6900-1, is a more subtle option for people who want a G-Shock but want a less sports watch design (but maintaining the distinctive G-Shock shock resistance). GMW5610-1 is an ideal choice for anyone looking for the benefits of a solar watch while also enjoying the everyday wearability of a classic retro icon.

  • Solar Charging Duration: 10 hours
  • Full Charge Operational Period: 10 Months
  • Price: $100

4. Citizen Eco-Drive Avion

If you prefer a classic but casual solar watch with a unique twist on aviation dial design, consider the Citizen Avion. The apparent design inspiration from vintage aviation watches makes this an aviation-inspired watch rather than a pilot’s tool. Especially since the watch only has lume on the hands and not on the dial. The placing of the three concentric scales for minutes, regular hours, and military hours resembles a cockpit instrument.

  • Solar Charging Duration: 30 Hours
  • Full Charge Operational Period: 8 Months
  • Price Range: $150-$200

5. Redwood Tactical V2: Stealth

Apart from being a newer brand on the market, people have recently become admirers of Redwood Watches. They are based in Canada and make some stunning, affordable timepieces. As a smaller brand, they also explore solar movements, which is unusual for a company of this size. That’s one of the reasons the Tactical V2 Stealth proved so appealing.

  • Solar Charging Duration: 12 Hours
  • Full Charge Operational Period: 6 Months
  • Price: $209

In conclusion, solar watches represent a remarkable technological feat with high-value functionality. The watches collect energy from exposed light and turn it into a stored power source. This energy-storing mechanism is distinct from mechanical watches, which rely on winding, or standard quartz watches, which require battery replacement every 1 – 3 years. Solar watches are even more environmentally beneficial because there is no surplus battery waste.

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