Best Fuel Rewards Programs In USA 2024

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As petrol prices continue to vary, drivers across the United States seek methods to save money at the pump. Fuel rewards programs are becoming increasingly popular, providing significant discounts and additional benefits. In 2024, some programs stand out for their great value, simplicity of use, and comprehensive benefits. Here’s a look at the top fuel rewards programs in the United States for 2024.

Best Fuel Rewards Programs in USA 2024

Best Fuel Rewards Programs in USA 2024

1. Shell Fuel Reward Programme

The Shell Fuel Rewards program remains popular among drivers. This program enables participants to save money on each gallon of petrol by earning points for various actions. Users can link their debit or credit cards to earn points for daily purchases, including dining, shopping, and travel. Shell also works with various brands and stores to provide extra savings options.

Key Benefits:

  • Cents-Per-Gallon Discounts: With frequent use, you can save much per gallon.
  • Stackable Awards: Combine awards from various activities to get more significant discounts.
  • Achieve Gold Status: Receive an automatic 5¢ per gallon savings every time you fill up.

2. BPme Rewards

BPme Rewards provides a smooth experience for BP and Amoco consumers. The program is app-based, making it simple to track rewards, locate nearby stations, and pay for gas. Members can earn points for fuel and connected purchases at participating grocery shops and businesses.

Key Benefits:

  • Instant Discounts: Save 5¢ for each gallon of fuel purchased.
  • Bonus Points: Earn more points during promotional periods.
  • Convenience: Pay for fuel straight through the app simplifies the process.

3. ExxonMobil Rewards+

The ExxonMobil Rewards+ programme is a simple method for earning points for fuel, vehicle washes, and convenience shop purchases at Exxon and Mobil stations. Points can be redeemed for future savings, and the program focuses on simplicity and ease of redemption.

Key Benefits:

  • Points for Every Purchase: Earn 3 points per gallon of petrol and 2 points per dollar spent in the shop.
  • Frequent Promotions: Regular promotions and extra point possibilities.
  • User-Friendly Application: The app allows you to manage your points, identify stations, and access special deals.

4. Kroger Fuel Points

Kroger’s Fuel Points program stands out among grocery buyers. Members gain points for grocery purchases, which they can then use for fuel reductions at Kroger Fuel Centres and participating Shell stations. This program is excellent for Kroger customers looking to maximize their savings.

Key Benefits:

  • High Earning Potential: Earn 1 point for every dollar spent on groceries and double points during promotional events.
  • Significant Savings: Redeem points for up to a dollar off per gallon.
  • Redeem Points: Redeem points at Kroger Fuel Centres and participating Shell stations.

5. Costco Gas and Executive Rewards

Costco members get some of the lowest petrol prices, and those with an Executive Membership can save even more. While Costco does not provide a standard fuel rewards program, its membership savings and consistently cheap pricing make it a popular choice among many drivers.

Key Benefits:

  • Low Costs: Consistently lower costs than many other petrol stations.
  • Cash Back: Executive Members receive 2% on qualified purchases, including petrol.
  • Quality Fuel: Fuel that satisfies the highest industry requirements.

In conclusion, choosing the correct gasoline rewards program might significantly reduce your fuel bills. Whether you want direct discounts, the convenience of app-based payments, or rewards for ordinary purchases, there is a program to meet your demands.

Shell Fuel Rewards provides flexibility and different earning opportunities, making it an attractive option for many. BPme Rewards and ExxonMobil Rewards+ offer user-friendly apps and continuous savings, making them ideal for tech-savvy consumers. Kroger Fuel Points are unrivalled for supermarket customers, providing significant discounts on routine purchases. Finally, Costco remains a top choice for consistently low prices and additional membership advantages.

In 2024, these programs will help cut fuel costs and improve the whole consumer experience by adding convenience and value. Evaluating your spending habits and preferences can assist you in selecting the ideal program to keep your gasoline costs under control while also enjoying the additional benefits.

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