Afghanistan Experiences Second Earthquake In Days

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In Afghanistan, a second big earthquake has hit in a few days. This time, it happened in the western part of the country. The earthquake was strong, measuring 6.3 on the scale. It struck around 05:10 in the morning local time. Sadly, it happened only 28 kilometers north of Herat, a city hit hard by earthquakes a few days ago. The situation is concerning as Afghanistan experiences a second earthquake.

The new earthquake caused the death of at least one person and injured more than 100. Many of those hurt were taken to the hospital to get help. It’s even more heartbreaking to hear that over 90% of the people who died in these earthquakes were women and children, according to Unicef, a group that helps needy kids.

It’s hard to say how bad the latest earthquake is because it just happened. However, many people had to sleep outside after the first few earthquakes because their homes were destroyed. The governor of Herat, a province in Afghanistan, says there is a lot of damage. Many things, like phones and power lines, need to be fixed, which makes the situation even more challenging. Aid groups also say there are insufficient blankets, food, and other things people need. The situation is even more difficult as Afghanistan experiences a second earthquake.

Afghanistan Experiences Second Earthquake In Days

One person in Herat when the earthquake hit said, “I have never felt so close to death.” She was sleeping and woke up because her house was shaking. She ran barefoot and joined many others, sleeping outside in tents.

The first big earthquake happened in a place called Zindajan, which is about 40 kilometers from Herat. Afghanistan experienced a second earthquake, and the first earthquake was so strong that many houses were destroyed. Pictures from the villages show houses turned into piles of rubble.

Afghanistan often has earthquakes because it’s in a place where the earth’s plates meet. One of these places is called the Hindu Kush mountain range, known for many earthquakes. When the ground shakes like this, it can be very dangerous and cause much damage.

The earthquakes have shown how important it is to be ready for disasters like this. Afghanistan experienced a second earthquake, and the country needs help, not just now but in the future, to rebuild what’s been lost. The people, especially the women and children, need support to recover and start a better life after these terrible events.

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