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A profession as a renewable energy consultant is personally fulfilling. You help develop innovative, renewable energy sources that reduce pollution and climate change. Since everyone is becoming more environmentally sensitive, it is one of the leading and upcoming fields. The command for renewable energy will only increase over time. Furthermore, everyone now wants to do the right thing in their home.

What is a Renewable Energy Consultant?

A renewable energy consultant specializes in the solar, wind, or thermal power industries. They are typically detail-oriented executives with extensive renewable energy research and technology knowledge. They use their technical knowledge to assist businesses and individuals in researching, understanding, and installing renewable energy systems. They could serve as consultants for governmental energy departments, worldwide corporations that promote sustainability, or private engineering firms.

Work Responsibilities of a Renewable Energy Consultant

According to the US Department of Energy, renewable energy consultants undertake technical evaluations, maintain systems, and execute procedures to support energy efficiency solutions and load management programs. They retain solid ties with technical support teams, within and outside sales personnel, and energy program management. Their purpose is to enable accessible communication, integration of work operations, and successful installation delivery for consumers. To impart expertise and raise an understanding of renewable energy programs and services, renewable energy consultants may personally visit the client’s home or business to provide technical help, product support, and sustainability coaching. For example, a public utility company’s renewable energy consultant may visit firms to encourage them to embrace renewable energy programs, products, or services. They must then supervise using internal and external resources to produce customized renewable energy solutions with excellent client satisfaction.

As a renewable energy consultant, you are responsible for researching, comprehending, and supervising the implementation of your clients’ renewable energy systems. You aim to help your clients work more efficiently while lowering their costs and eliminating any adverse environmental effects of the energy resource. For example, you could be paid to investigate the energy sources used by your customer across all of their facilities and then assess whether a substitute energy source, like solar or wind, would be a better option.

Typical Tasks Assigned to Renewable Energy Consultants

  • Performing on-site building assessments to determine your clients’ energy consumption.
  • Analyzing available data to compare present and historical energy consumption rates.
  • Examining projected reports and trends.
  • Creating actionable, simple-to-understand energy audit reports.
  • Investigating the most suitable renewable energy-saving solutions.
  • Considering alternative energy firms for collaboration.
  • Making recommendations that clearly define the cost and application of alternative or renewable energy systems and address any concerns they may have.
  • Requesting bids from renewable energy equipment suppliers, vendors, and other contractors.
  • Supervising the construction or improvement of their energy systems.
  • Monitoring their consumption rates and budgets to ensure they meet all key performance indicators.
  • If necessary, update energy system policies and procedures.
  • Keeping current with growing renewable energy technologies, government laws, and federal grants.

Skills Required for a Renewable Energy Consultant

A renewable energy consultant is an executive who assists clients in developing decarbonization programs by facilitating a smooth transition to renewable energy sources. They give clients with ESG sustainability advice and services to grow and switch to the usage of renewable energy sources such as biodiesel, ethanol, renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), bioplastics, green hydrogen, fuel cells, solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, and biomass. They work with clients to determine the best renewable energy source for their needs and assist them in implementing sustainable energy solutions. Renewable energy consultants can also help you find GHG emissions and other climate technologies that reduce or eliminate damaging carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants, allowing you to meet the 2045 Net Zero target.

As you may have realized from reviewing the everyday jobs of renewable energy consultants, you will need more than a few abilities to be effective. But there are three that almost assure you’ll be a great one if you work hard enough on them:

  • Comprehensive Understanding of Renewable Energy

What exactly does having a broad understanding of renewable energy imply when working as a renewable energy consultant? First, you must thoroughly understand all available renewable energy sources, including their practical applications and distinct advantages and limitations. Next, you should understand how federal, state, and local legislation may affect the energy solution your client picks and whether there are any monetary benefits, such as grants, to making such a choice. While your job title is renewable energy consultant, your clients regard you as a renewable energy expert, so make sure you meet their expectations by studying as much as you can about your industry regularly.

  • Sharp Data Analysis Skills

You will be expected to analyze and assess alternative energy technology using data from various sources. This lets your clients make critical decisions based on these patterns and trends. The information might then be utilized to design the finest renewable energy systems for them. This entails poring over enormous amounts of data with database tools such as Excel or SQL to generate reports and then delivering the results to them. As a result, brush up on your knowledge of statistics and accountancy principles!

  • Effective Communication

Given that you will be writing reports on how sustainable energy technologies work, summarising their results, presenting your findings to your clients, and developing proposals for vendors on their behalf regularly, you must be able to communicate with all stakeholders effectively.

How to Become a Renewable Energy Consultant?

There are four paths you can take to become a renewable energy consultant:

How to Become a Renewable Energy Consultant?

Do a Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy Management

Most aspiring renewable energy consultants choose this entrance point since it is the most practical and gives a solid foundation and training. Here, you can take classes to gain knowledge about the different types of other energy sources and receive technical instruction, allowing you to lay the groundwork for a successful career in math and science, critical analysis, and communication.

Earn a Master’s or a Doctorate Degree

Choosing to do so gives you the latest knowledge of the top renewable energy management practices and a better understanding of environmental laws and regulations. Still, it also opens up more career options, such as working on government programs, teaching, or starting a consulting firm.

Enrol in an Online Degree Programme

Because of increasing technology advancement, you can enroll in an online renewable energy management degree and get the information required to become a renewable energy consultant regardless of where you live.

Obtain Certification

While numerous certification programs are offered to aspiring energy professionals, two that are focused on renewable energy and are highly respected by both prospective companies and clients include:

Renewable Energy Professional (REPTM) certification: This certification demonstrates your knowledge and experience in specifying and implementing renewable and alternative energy technology, appraising renewable energy projects, and creating attainable sustainability targets for your employer or clients.

LEED Green Associate: This certification validates your sustainable design, construction, and operations knowledge.

Possibilities for a Career as a Renewable Energy Consultant

Some renewable energy consultants work primarily from consulting offices, providing technical advice and project management help. For example, they may be asked to assist a multinational corporation in incorporating renewable energy solutions into commercial operations. To generate the best renewable energy solutions, these experts will order technical studies, obtain operational reports, and seek commissioning analysis. After accepting the plan, the customer must contact external vendors, contractors, and equipment consultants to form contractual and service-level agreements. This will necessitate the establishment of adherence expectations, performance standards, and target outcomes. They may employ financial tools to track energy, costs, budgets, and consumption to ensure that the project stays within the client’s budgetary constraints. These renewable energy experts will assist their clients in updating and implementing policies and procedures that provide the best quality customer service while remaining cost-effective.

Core Competencies

Renewable energy consultants typically work on large-scale initiatives that save or squander the client’s money. As a result, they must be able to analyze and evaluate renewable electric and gas technologies from various data sources to identify risks, causes, and scenarios that may affect the project. They must have strong communication skills to properly present plans for integrating costly renewable energy efficiency technologies to executives. A bachelor’s degree in electrical, mechanical, building, or energy systems engineering is required for renewable energy consultants. They should also have at least three to four years of professional consulting experience and a related business or technical degree. In either case, they must be able to create technical specifications to deliver to senior management swiftly. Renewable energy, load management, technology implementation, and cost-cutting methods will be defined in these specifications to improve business performance. Renewable energy consultants must be able to understand data and analyze links between complicated problems to clearly express findings, identify obstacles, and propose viable solutions. They should also be familiar with Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.

Benefits of Working as a Renewable Energy Consultant

Now that you know how to become a renewable energy consultant, you may be wondering about the benefits of the job. In case you’re having second thoughts, here are some of the benefits you’ll receive if you succeed:

  • There is a lot of leeway and freedom. Being a consultant allows you to select the customers you want to work with, providing you the flexibility that not all professionals have in working as much or as little as you desire.
  • Work comes to you. If you establish yourself as your area’s go-to renewable energy consultant, clients will approach you to work with you, saving you time and effort.
  • When it comes to earning perspective, the sky is the limit. The more you work, the more money you can make.

To Conclude

Renewable energy consultants are crucial to the shift to renewable energy sources. They assist clients who wish to switch by identifying the best renewable energy sources for their needs, developing renewable energy plans, conducting feasibility studies, managing renewable energy projects, and ensuring regulatory compliance. By collaborating with a renewable energy expert, clients can cut energy expenses, enhance energy efficiency, promote energy independence, and contribute to a more environment-friendly future.

As the need for renewable energy grows, so does the demand for renewable energy consultants. Businesses, governments, and people are seeking solutions to transition to renewable energy sources, and renewable energy consultants may provide the expertise and direction required. Clients may be confident that by engaging with a renewable energy consultant, they are making educated decisions about their renewable energy investments and contributing to a more sustainable future for all of us.


Q1. What is the job of an energy consultant?

Energy consultants assist businesses in understanding their energy usage and provide recommendations for improving it. Environmental challenges and renewable energy sources are frequently helpful.

Q2. Is renewable energy a viable option?

Wind and solar power are setting new milestones, and renewables are predicted to surpass coal as the world’s largest source of electricity by 2025. Automakers have made electric vehicles fundamental to their business goals and openly discussed the demise of the internal combustion engine.

Q3. Which renewable energy source is the most affordable?

Solar and wind energy are already among the world’s most affordable renewable energy sources, and experts predict that these prices will remain low for many years.

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