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Solid Waste Management

Learn all about Solid Waste Management in this free course and how it can impact your business and life.

Chapter 1 : Solid Waste: Definitions, Characteristics, and Perspectives

The term ‘solid waste’ refers to any unwanted solid material that can no longer be used. Solid waste is generated due to human, commercial, agricultural, and industrial activities. Almost every activity associated with us humans leaves behind some waste.

15 min.

Chapter 2 : Introduction To Solid Waste Managements

The management of solid waste plays an important role in the functioning of any society. Solid waste management can be described as processes related to controlling the generation of waste, and its collection, storage, and transport.

15 min.

Chapter 3 : Handling, Storage, and Collection of Solid Waste

The proper handling of solid waste is important to minimize its negative effects on the environment and public health. Handling wastes makes resource recovery and disposal processes easy and convenient. It ensures that the environment and its species can thrive.

15 min.

Chapter 4 : Resource Recovery and Waste Processing Technologies

Our way of life has caused the availability of resources to be placed under a great deal of stress. The continued exploitation of resources has led to a decrease in their availability. 

13 min.

Chapter 5 : Solid Waste Disposal

Solid waste disposal is the process of collecting and treating solid waste. It is the movement of solid waste to a place designated for its disposal so that it cannot impact the environment.

14 min.

Chapter 6 : Role of Various Organizations in Solid Waste Management

Organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, play an essential role in managing a city’s waste. Active participation of NGOs and municipal bodies in waste management helps raise awareness among the public about sustainable waste practices.

14 min.

Chapter 7 : Sustainable Techniques in Solid Waste Management

Solid waste management already has a ton of benefits. But incorporating sustainable techniques in solid waste management ensures that public health is protected and the environment conserved.

12 min.

Dr. Jennifer Anderson


Dr. Jennifer Anderson is a highly esteemed professor in the field of environmental education with over 30 years of experience. Her passion for the environment and dedication to educating the next generation have made her a respected authority in the field. Dr. Anderson’s extensive knowledge, combined with her commitment to fostering a love for nature and sustainability, has influenced countless students to become environmentally conscious citizens.