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At Sigma Earth, we extend our expertise to NGOs, helping them amplify their contributions towards sustainable development. Our suite of services for NGOs encompasses Sustainability Reporting, Programme Impact Assessment, and Grant Proposal Writing. These offerings aim to enhance the effectiveness of NGOs, ensuring they can optimally advance their mission while meeting the evolving standards of transparency, accountability, and sustainability.

Enhancing Your Business Sustainability

Impact of NGOs

  • Complementing Public Services: NGOs often complement public services by reaching communities and causes that may be underserved. They can provide expertise and a ground-level perspective that helps make initiatives more effective.
  • Advocacy and Awareness Raising: NGOs often play a crucial role in advocacy, bringing attention to important issues and pushing for change. Partnering with NGOs can lend credibility to a company’s own advocacy efforts.
  • Community Trust and Engagement: NGOs typically have close relationships with the communities they serve. A partnership with an NGO can help companies build trust and engage effectively with these communities.
  • Facilitating CSR Initiatives: NGOs can be valuable partners in implementing CSR initiatives, ensuring that these efforts are impactful and aligned with community needs.
  • Expertise and Research: NGOs often have specialized knowledge and experience that companies can leverage. They can also provide valuable insights and research to inform a company’s strategy and operations.

Our Services

Enhance your NGO’s operations with our ‘Sustainability Reporting’, ‘Programme Impact Assessment’, and ‘Grant Proposal Writing’ services. Our skilled team is committed to assisting NGOs in measuring their sustainability efforts. We guide you to not only meet donor expectations but also enhance your approach, ensuring your organization is recognized for its contribution to sustainable change.

Sustainability Reporting

Translating your environmental, social, and governance efforts into measurable results.

Programme Impact Assessment

Uncover the true impact of your initiatives, guiding improvements and validating your efforts.

Grant Proposal Writing

Secure the funds you need with compelling, persuasive proposals that resonate with donors.

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Did you know?

BRSR reporting is becoming the gold standard for sustainability reporting in India.

- Gartner

BRSR can attract investors and customers who are looking for sustainable businesses.

- The Sustainability Reporting Standards Board

BRSR reporting is an ongoing process that requires companies to continuously monitor and improve their ESG performance.

- The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India


What does the Sustainability Reporting service entail?

Our Sustainability Reporting service involves the evaluation and documentation of your organization’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. This can provide critical insights into your sustainability initiatives and helps demonstrate your commitment to responsible practices.

What is a Programme Impact Assessment?

A Programme Impact Assessment is a comprehensive study to understand the effects and effectiveness of your programs. It measures the change that can be attributed to a particular intervention, such as a project, program, or policy, both the intended ones, as well as ideally the unintended ones.

How does Grant Proposal Writing service work?

Our Grant Proposal Writing service assists in identifying suitable grants, crafting compelling narratives, and preparing comprehensive proposals that meet donor requirements. We leverage our deep understanding of donor expectations and non-profit operations to increase your chances of securing funding.

Can your Sustainability Reporting service help us improve our ESG performance?

Absolutely! Our Sustainability Reporting service not only documents your current performance but also identifies areas for improvement. Through this service, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your organization’s practices align with sustainability goals.

How can Programme Impact Assessment benefit our NGO?

Programme Impact Assessment can help your NGO understand the effectiveness of its interventions. It provides quantitative and qualitative data that can inform decision-making, guide future strategy, and demonstrate your impact to stakeholders and donors.