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Renewable Energy

Learn all about Renewable Energy in this free course and how it can impact your business and life.

Chapter 1 : What is Renewable Energy?

With the rise in population, the demand for resources also increases and leads to intensive industrialization to meet the population’s demand that changes the environment and lifestyle of humans.

5 min.

Chapter 2 : Different type of Energy Resources

Energy is the force or capacity used to do work and is required by every form of life on earth, and resources of energy are something that can provide energy in the form of heat, light, electricity to move objects and power life.

10 min.

Chapter 3 : Solar Energy

Solar energy is the energy drawn directly from the Sun’s energy. It is the base of renewable energy sources, which are dependent on solar energy, like wind and ocean thermal energy.

7 min.

Chapter 4 : Wind Energy

Wind energy is a renewable energy resource, an indirect solar energy source. The wind is generated by the difference in pressure, which occurs due to uneven heating of the earth’s surface.

10 min.

Chapter 5 : Biomass Energy

Biomass is stored energy. The plants majorly constitute it by harnessing solar energy and converting it into chemical energy by photosynthesis and is the stored living matter or energy that serves as primary or secondary fuel.

5 min.

Chapter 6 : Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is the energy derived from the earth in the form of heat. It is a kind of renewable source of energy present in the pores and fractures of the rocks of the earth’s crust.

5 min.

Chapter 7 : Hydropower

Hydropower energy is the energy that is derived from the moving water from high altitude to lower altitude. It is the renewable source of energy contained in the water used to generate electricity.

15 min.

Dr. Jennifer Anderson


Dr. Jennifer Anderson is a highly esteemed professor in the field of environmental education with over 30 years of experience. Her passion for the environment and dedication to educating the next generation have made her a respected authority in the field. Dr. Anderson’s extensive knowledge, combined with her commitment to fostering a love for nature and sustainability, has influenced countless students to become environmentally conscious citizens.