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Natural Resource Management

Learn all about Natural Resource Management in this free course and how it can impact your business and life.

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Natural Resources

Natural resources are materials that exist in nature without any sort of intervention from man. They are raw materials, in their natural state, that we as humans use to satisfy our social or economic needs, such as clothing, food, and building material.

10 min.

Chapter 2 : Conservation of Natural Resources

The conservation of natural resources is a practice that protects existing natural resources so that there is enough left for future generations. Conservation efforts include protecting the biodiversity of species, ecosystems, and the environment.

10 min.

Chapter 3 : What are Mineral Resources?

Mineral resources form over a broad range of physical and chemical conditions and are found to occur in all geological environments. The type of mineral formed depends on the temperature and pressure conditions that existed at the time of formation.

12 min.

Chapter 4 : Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Resources

Non-renewable energy is energy derived from sources that are finite in nature. This means that one day we will run out of energy from non-renewables. The most common non-renewable energy resource is fossil fuels.

15 min.

Chapter 5 : Natural Resource Management

Natural Resource Management (NRM) refers to steps taken to manage the supply and access to natural resources by an organization or society. It also refers to the management of actions taken to increase the supply of energy from renewable sources and decrease the supply from non-renewable sources.

15 min.

Chapter 6 : Sustainable Resource Management

Sustainable Resource Management refers to the sustainable use of resources so that they are not completely depleted. Sustainable resources are those resources that can be used repetitively without their source being depleted.

15 min.

Dr. Jennifer Anderson


Dr. Jennifer Anderson is a highly esteemed professor in the field of environmental education with over 30 years of experience. Her passion for the environment and dedication to educating the next generation have made her a respected authority in the field. Dr. Anderson’s extensive knowledge, combined with her commitment to fostering a love for nature and sustainability, has influenced countless students to become environmentally conscious citizens.