Climate Change

Learn all about Climate Change in this free course and how it can impact your business and life.

Chapter 1 : Earth’s Climate System

You have been asked many times how the climate of your city is? A region’s or city’s climate refers to its usual or average weather. Let’s say the climate of Mumbai is hot and humid. At the same time, the climate of Antarctica is cold and freezing. So we can say that the average weather conditions for a certain region and over a long period are described as climate.

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Chapter 2 : Climate In The Spotlight

Climate refers to a region’s long-term weather pattern, which is generally averaged over 30 years. In general, the condition of the earth’s climate system, which includes land, ice, and ocean, is known as Climate.

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Chapter 3 : Climate Change Impacts

Climate change impacts the physical environment, ecosystems, and human societies. Human activities are the primary reason causing these climate change impacts. Extreme weather events and glacier retreats are a few examples of climate change.

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Chapter 4 : Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Measures

Climate change adaptation is responding to existing or anticipated climate change and its consequences. Adaptation is especially crucial in developing nations because they are most affected by climate change.

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Chapter 5 : Policy Framework on Aspects of Climate Change

Every landscape, from forest to savanna, Mountains to oceans, has seen the effect of climate change. It is causing havoc on national economies and harming people’s lives. Weather patterns are shifting, sea levels are increasing, and extreme weather is getting more frequent.

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Chapter 6 : Clean Technology and Energy

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is an UN-run carbon offset program that allows governments to fund greenhouse gas emission-reduction projects in other countries and claim the reduced emissions as part of their efforts to fulfil international emissions goals.

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