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Winix has been in business since 1973, aiming to “deliver perfect products that are superior in innovation, performance, and style.” Winix manufactures air purifiers, dehumidifiers, and humidifiers, and it is dedicated to creating products that promote clean, healthy air. The corporation owns and runs five facilities in China, South Korea, and Thailand. It also operates sales, marketing, and support centres in the Netherlands, South Korea, and the United States. It has established itself as a manufacturer of creative units of air purifiers with sleek designs, and its products have gained numerous honours. We will review the air purifier Winix, its models, features and user friendliness in this article.

What’s New with Air Purifier Winix?

Model Features User Reviews
Winix 5300-2 4-stage filtration (Pre-filter, HEPA, Carbon filter, PlasmaWave) Generally positive, praised for value and efficiency. Some noise complaints at higher speeds
Winix 5500-2 4-stage filtration (Pre-filter, HEPA, Carbon filter, PlasmaWave), Washable AOC carbon filter Highly rated for air cleaning efficiency, Users appreciate the washable filter. Minor issues with noise
Winix C535 4-stage filtration (Pre-filter, HEPA, Carbon filter, PlasmaWave), Real-time air quality sensor It is good value for the price and is effective in large rooms. Some found the PlasmaWave feature too noisy
Winix HR900 5-stage filtration (Pre-filter, HEPA, Advanced Odor Control Carbon filter, PlasmaWave, Pet filter) Excellent for pet owners, Effective odor removal, Slightly expensive but worth it for pet households
Winix AM90 4-stage filtration (Pre-filter, HEPA, Carbon filter, PlasmaWave), Wi-Fi enabled, Smart features Appreciated for smart home integration, Effective filtration, Some setup issues with Wi-Fi connection
Winix NK105 4-stage filtration (Pre-filter, HEPA, Carbon filter, PlasmaWave), Tower design, Wi-Fi enabled Stylish design, Good for medium-sized rooms, Mixed reviews on app functionality

Companies that design and produce air purifiers are constantly looking for and developing new ways to improve their product and make them more user-friendly. This is how new trends emerge in the industry. Air purifier Winix features the following unique innovations:

1. Separate the Carbon Filters

Most air purifiers from Winix with activated carbon filters include carbon and HEPA filters. Winix changed that by developing a unique method for keeping genuine carbon filters separate from the HEPA filter. This technology is now only available in Winix’s newest models. Carbon filters collect odours and smoke and must be replaced more frequently because of their shorter lifespan. With a carbon filter separate from the HEPA filter, your HEPA filter will not need to be replaced as frequently as with other types.

air purifier winix

2. Newer, Better Models

Winix prioritises quality. While all of their air purifiers are effective at cleaning and purifying the air in your house, the newer models they are inventing and launching outperform their previous models. The purifier has four stages of filtration and can clean larger rooms. It can clean a room up to 3378 square feet, but only once every hour. It cleans 1500 square feet in 30 minutes, 1126 square feet in 20 minutes, and 845 square feet in 15 minutes. These are also Wi-Fi-enabled and can be managed via the company app.

It has three real-time sensors that detect air quality and odours, including a built-in laser sensor that monitors and adjusts fan speed.

3. New Features

Every year, new air purifier Winix models are produced with updated features. Newer Winix purifier versions include the ability to add aroma pods. Not only will your home’s air be cleaner, but a fragrance pod will allow you to choose the aroma you wish to drift around within.

In conclusion, whatever air purifier Winix model you select, you can be confident that it will help keep the air in your house healthy. All Winix air purifiers include three, four, or five stages of filtration to ensure maximum efficacy. They all use genuine HEPA filters to catch up to 99.97 per cent of the airborne pollutants floating around. All Winix units also include Plasma Wave Technology, which neutralises bacteria and viruses and can help your family stay healthy and breathe easier.

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