Who Is Likely To Host COP29 & Why There Is A Disagreement Regarding The Event’s Location?

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As the pivotal COP28 climate summit unfolds in Dubai, attention is already turning to the venue for COP29, with delegates grappling over where to host the event. Amid discussions on critical issues like the first global agreement to phase out fossil fuel use, the question of the summit’s location adds an extra layer of complexity to the ongoing climate talks.

According to U.N. rules, it is Eastern Europe’s turn to host COP29 next year. However, achieving unanimous agreement among countries in the region has proven challenging due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and other regional tensions. The current president of COP28, Sultan Al-Jaber of the UAE, urges Eastern European states to expedite the decision-making process.

Who Is Likely To Host COP29 & Why There Is A Disagreement Regarding The Event's Location?

While the UAE remains a potential host, concerns have been raised about the ethical implications of hosting COP29 in the same location as COP28. Some participants, like Dallas Conyers, emphasize the need for a new venue, citing moral and ethical considerations.

A potential solution to the conundrum of hosting COP29 involves relocating the event to the U.N. climate body’s headquarters in Bonn, Germany. This proposal suggests appointing a smaller Eastern European country without the necessary infrastructure to host the summit as the president. While this alternative addresses the regional tensions and challenges Eastern European states face, it introduces a significant hurdle – a rule change.

Current regulations prohibit one country from holding the presidency while another hosts the summit. To implement this proposed shift in venue and presidency, negotiators would need to navigate the intricacies of rule adjustments within the framework of the United Nations. This potential change reflects the urgency and complexity of selecting a suitable host for COP29 amidst geopolitical tensions and conflicts.

As the international community grapples with the pressing climate change issues, this proposal underscores the need for flexibility and adaptability in the rules governing high-stakes global events. Balancing the logistical challenges with the imperative to continue the momentum of climate negotiations remains a delicate task, with the resolution shaping the future dynamics of climate summits.

As the debate continues, the decision on COP29’s location remains unresolved, adding another layer of complexity to the intricate web of global climate negotiations.

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