Volcano Eruption In Iceland, Lava Flows Down To Fishing Town

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A volcanic eruption early Sunday morning in Iceland sent rivers of lava towards the small fishing town of Grindavik, causing immediate evacuation and engulfing at least three houses in flames. This Volcano Eruption in Iceland, was reported just before 8:00 AM local time (8:00 GMT) and captured live on public television, showcasing the alarming progression of lava to the town’s edge.

Despite the severity of the situation, there have been no reported casualties or injuries. Air travel remains unaffected. However, following the Volcano eruption in Iceland, Icelandic President Gudni Johannesson has termed the eruption a “black day” for Iceland, noting on social media site X that while no lives are at immediate risk, the town’s infrastructure faces significant threats.

This eruption, originating from a volcano southwest of Reykjavik’s capital, marks the second in less than a month and the fifth in the North Atlantic nation in under three years. The Icelandic Meteorological Office reported a crack approximately 450 meters from Grindavik opened on Sunday morning, expanding to a fissure nearly 900 meters long by the evening. A second fissure appeared near the town by midday, measuring about 100 meters.

Volcano Eruption in Iceland, Lava Flows Down to Fishing Town

The town, home to 4,000 residents, had been evacuated following minor earthquakes. Residents had only recently returned to Grindavik after a previous evacuation in November due to emerging fissures preceding a December 18 eruption.

Emergency workers had been constructing defensive barriers around the town, but their efforts needed to be completed when the latest eruption occurred. The close-knit community of Grindavik, described as a family by resident Sveinn Ari Gudjonsson, is reeling from the impact. Gudjonsson, 55, expressed to AFP news agency that the event felt “unreal” and “tragic.”

Iceland, an island nation with a population of about 370,000 and roughly 1,300km northwest of the United Kingdom, is known for its active geological landscape. Home to over 30 active volcanoes, it is a popular destination for volcano tourism. However, this latest eruption is a stark reminder of the volatile nature of Iceland’s geology and its impact on local communities.

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