US Announces Protection Of Alaska Lands To Preserve Native Fish And Wildlife Habitats

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The US announces the protection of Alaska lands as a new fishing and wildlife conservation effort. The Biden administration announced on Friday that large areas of federal land in Alaska will be protected from development to preserve crucial fish and wildlife habitats vital to the way of life of native communities. These measures by the Interior Department support President Joe Biden’s objective to conserve 30% of U.S. lands and waters, which is integral to his climate change agenda.

US announces protection of Alaska lands

Source: Reuters

The Interior Department declared in a statement that the plan for a 211-mile (340-kilometer) road meant to support mine development in north central Alaska had been officially denied. The government first voiced its opposition in April, citing risks to fish and caribou populations that are vital to the subsistence of local communities. Furthermore, the Interior Department indicated that it would not allow construction on 28 million acres (11 million hectares) of land in Alaska, reversing an attempt at the last minute to remove the protections put in place by the administration of previous President Donald Trump.

The Trump administration’s decision to expose the area to public discussion and evaluate the effects of allowing mining or oil and gas development was put on hold by the Interior Department under the Biden administration. Up to 117 native groups’ subsistence fishing and hunting would be adversely impacted by development, according to the final environmental review, which was made public on Friday. Thirty days following the publication of the environmental evaluation, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland is anticipated to make a final decision.

Today, in addition to steps we are taking to maintain protections on 28 million acres in Alaska from mining and drilling, my Administration is stopping a 211-mile road from carving up a pristine area that Alaska Native communities rely on,” said Biden. “These natural treasures need to be protected,

A proposal announced by the administration in 2022 allows qualifying Alaskan veterans of the Vietnam War to choose 160-acre allotments on the majority of the 28 million acres that are preserved. As The US announces the protection of Alaska lands as a new development to preserve crucial fish and wildlife habitats, it would be a major step towards the native community’s conservation efforts.

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