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As gasoline prices increase, stoking decades of high inflation, electric vehicles are beginning to look like an attractive alternative. However, green investing is more than businesses and companies making vehicles that are not powered by internal combustion engines.

Green investing includes anything from purchasing shares of companies that produce solar panels or construct wind farms to those companies that are working to grow goods and manufacturing products using less water and energy. Even though the stock market is currently on the back, one may still want to consider some green stocks.

Top Green Stocks To Buy Now


Most investments lead to a possible recession, leaving few unscathed. But green stocks have shown greater resilience to market downturns, making them a potential bright light.

Here are some of the top green stocks to buy now:

1. Unilever PLC

A way by which companies have been shifting their focus beyond the bottom line for shareholders is by getting B Corp status. The B Corp certification from the non-profit network B Lab certifies that a company meets high standards for environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Leading climate solutions provider South Pole announces official B Corp™ certification in Australia- Top green stocks to buy now


Unilever is a multinational consumer goods company that has several certified subsidiaries. It has always been a leader among large publicly traded companies in social and ecological sustainability. Unilever is the perfect company committed to sustainable performance for investors seeking a stable holding.

2. Natura & Co. Holding SA:

This company is a Brazilian cosmetics multinational that also relies on the B Corp bandwagon, reassuring investors that the company is turning towards sustainability. Natura gives investors a play in emerging markets- they provide better outcomes than developed markets but also come with more risk.

The company spreads its sustainability practices to other entities- working with more than 30 communities in the Amazon to help them develop sustainable business models that help the forests.

3. Amyris:

Amyris is a biotechnology company that produces cosmetic ingredients with lab-created molecules that are ‘bioidentical’ to those found in nature. Amyris has a joint venture with the company Minerva Foods to produce a fermentation-based protein that can substitute for animal-based protein.

The company is top in clean chemistry- which is important as bio-industrial solutions are more environmentally sustainable. Renewable chemicals and bio-based fuels have a lower carbon footprint. Investors and buyers are getting a bargain with the stock down 66 percent for the year.

4. Local Bounti Corp:

Local Bounti Corp is an indoor farming company. The company uses a greenhouse production system that leads to a smaller carbon footprint and generates less waste than conventional agriculture. The company’s shares are currently very low than their go-public price the previous year.

Cargill, a privately held food and agriculture giant, is one of the supporters of Local Bounti. With Local Bounti Corp, Cargill will be able to supply lettuce to McDonald’s. Taking McDonald’s as an example, as ‘just in time’ inventory, reducing food waste and water required to grow the food. The company will carry out this by building its greenhouses near McDonald’s/Cargill food distribution centers.

5. Clearway Energy Inc:

This company is one of the largest renewable energy owners in the United States, with over 5,000 megawatts of solar and wind electric generation assets. Clearway Energy owns around 2,500 megawatts of natural gas-fired generation facilities.

The company is in long-term agreements with residential consumers, corporations, and wholesale customers, including municipal governments, utilities, cooperatives, and competitive retail providers. Clearway is said to generate significant earnings per share growth in 2022- 2023. According to experts, the company will likely increase its revenue by 5 percent in 2022 and will likely pay off its debts and achieve a high return on equity.

6. ChargePoint Holdings Inc:

ChargePoint is an electric vehicle charging company and is on track to ride the increasing demand for electric vehicles. Experts see growing momentum for the company as major automakers start to bring out their electric vehicles.

According to the company, people plug into its network every second, and several charging places with a single account are available to customers. ChargePoint provides cloud services that enable customers to reserve, locate, authenticate, and transact charging sessions.

7. Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital Inc:

This stock may be for people who want to make money by riding the green energy wave. Hannon Armstrong claims to be the first public United States company dedicated only to investing in climate solutions.

Hannon Armstrong finances businesses and companies that are involved in efficient energy, renewable energy, and other sustainable infrastructure markets. According to the company, a transaction closed in the first quarter will avoid over 63,000 metric tons of carbon emissions. The company is at the core of the solar energy transition and will be able to take advantage of the growth in solar and other green infrastructure as soon as supply chain constraints ease.

8. Sunrun Inc:

As the prices of natural gas increase, it can prompt alternative ways of generating electricity that is more appealing to utilities. The shift from conventional to electric vehicles means households use more electricity. These factors bode well for Sunrun, as the company provides solar panels and batteries on lease or for purchase.

Top Green Stocks To Buy Now: Sunburn


According to the company, it is observing strong demand as utility rate inflation exceeded 11 percent. Growth is observed across the business, with customer orders growing 39 percent from the previous year as more families demand affordable, clean, and reliable energy.

9. UGE International Ltd:

Government incentives could significantly help solar panel companies, especially with President Joe Biden’s target of powering 5 million Americans’ homes with solar systems by 2050.

This fits well for UGE International, as it develops, owns, and operates community and commercial solar projects that will enable property owners to make money on open and unused space. Along with a shift to cheap solar energy, possible government incentives for green infrastructure and companies invested in green energy could come out ahead.

The above are some of the top green stocks to buy now!

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