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Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Biology has never been more accessible, thanks to the availability of top-notch online programs. These programs are designed for aspiring scientists who seek a comprehensive understanding of biology while enjoying the flexibility of online learning. From cellular biology and genetics to ecology and environmental science, these degrees cover a wide range of topics, preparing students for various careers or further education in the field. In this blog, I’ll walk you through some of the best online Bachelor’s programs in Biology, examining their curriculum, unique features, and how they can pave the way for a successful career in biological sciences. Whether you’re starting your academic journey or looking to advance your knowledge from the comfort of your home, these programs offer quality education with the convenience you need.

Top Bachelor’s in Biology Degree

When considering pursuing a Bachelor’s in Biology online, choosing a reputable program that aligns with your academic and career goals is essential. From rigorous curricula and innovative learning tools to hands-on experiences and networking opportunities, these programs cater to the diverse needs of aspiring biologists. Here are some of the top online Bachelor’s in Biology degrees to consider:

1. University of Florida Online – Bachelor’s in Biology Program

a. Program Features:

Rigorous Curriculum: The University of Florida’s online biology program offers a rigorous curriculum covering fundamental and advanced biological concepts.

Specialized Tracks: Students can choose specialized tracks within the program, allowing for a more tailored educational experience.

Research Opportunities: The program may provide opportunities for online students to engage in virtual research projects under the guidance of experienced faculty.

b. Student Support:

Academic Advising: Robust academic advising services are likely available to help online students navigate their coursework and plan for future career goals.

Online Resources: Access extensive online resources, including digital libraries, research databases, and academic support services.

c. Flexibility:

Asynchronous Learning: Courses may be designed for asynchronous learning, providing flexibility for students with varying schedules.

Part-time Options: The program may accommodate both full-time and part-time students.


2. Arizona State University online – Online Biology Bachelor’s Degree

a. Concentrations:

Diverse Concentrations: ASU’s online biology program might offer diverse concentrations such as cell and molecular biology, ecology, or bioinformatics, allowing students to focus on their interests.

Interdisciplinary Options: Opportunities for multidisciplinary studies, enabling students to combine biology with other relevant fields.

b. Technology Integration:

Advanced Online Tools: ASU, known for its innovation, may integrate advanced online tools and technologies to enhance the virtual learning experience.

Virtual Laboratories: The program may incorporate virtual laboratories to provide hands-on experience in a remote setting.

c. Networking Opportunities:

Alumni Network: Access a robust alum network for networking and mentorship opportunities.

Industry Connections: Potential partnerships with industries and research institutions, offering avenues for internships or collaborative projects.

3. Penn State World Campus – Bachelor of Science in Biology

a. Practical Application:

Virtual Labs: Penn State’s World Campus program may incorporate virtual labs, ensuring students gain practical experience in a remote learning environment.

Case Studies: The curriculum might include case studies and real-world applications to connect theoretical knowledge with practical scenarios.

b. Global Learning Community:

Collaborative Projects: Opportunities for collaborative projects with students from diverse backgrounds, fostering a global learning community.

International Perspective: The integration of international perspectives in the curriculum prepares students for a globalized workforce.

c. Accreditation and Reputation:

Accreditation: Penn State’s strong accreditation ensures students receive a high-quality education.

Reputation: The program’s reputation may attract top-tier faculty and provide a recognized credential upon graduation.

4. Oregon State University E-Campus – Online Bachelor’s in Biology

a. Interactive Learning:

Collaborative Learning: Opportunities for collaborative learning through group projects and discussions.

Simulation Software: Integration of simulation software and interactive tools to enhance the learning experience.

b. Flexible Electives:

Diverse Elective Courses: A wide array of elective courses allow students to explore niche areas of biology based on their interests.

Industry-Relevant Options: Electives designed to align with current industry trends and demands.

c. Faculty Expertise:

Experienced Faculty: Access to faculty members with expertise in various biological disciplines.

Research Opportunities: Opportunities for online students to engage in faculty-led research projects.

5. University of Illinois Springfield – Online Biology Degree Program

a. Hands-on Learning:

Virtual Labs: Integration of virtual labs and hands-on learning experiences, ensuring that online students gain practical skills.

Fieldwork Opportunities: Possibility for virtual fieldwork experiences, connecting theoretical knowledge to real-world applications.

b. Research Emphasis:

Research-Focused Curriculum: A curriculum that emphasizes research skills, preparing students for advanced studies or careers in research.

Faculty-Led Projects: Opportunities for students to participate in faculty-led research projects.

c. Flexibility and Support:

Flexible Schedule: A flexible online schedule to accommodate working professionals or those with other commitments.

Student Support Services: Comprehensive student support services, including academic advising and career counselling.

6. Liberty University Online – Bachelor of Science in Biology

a. Integration of Faith:

Christian Values: Integrating Christian values into the curriculum provides a unique ethical perspective on biological issues.

Ethical Considerations: Emphasis on ethical considerations in biology, preparing students to navigate moral career dilemmas.

b. Flexibility and Convenience:

Online Platform: Liberty offers flexibility, allowing students to study from anywhere.

Accelerated Options: Possibility for accelerated tracks, enabling students to complete the program at their own pace.

c. Industry Connections:

Networking Events: Online networking events and opportunities to connect with professionals in the field.

Industry Partnerships: Collaborations with industry partners for internships or research projects.

7. Colorado State University Global – Online Bachelor’s Degree in Biology

a. Professional Development:

Career-Focused Curriculum: A curriculum designed to align with industry needs, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for careers in biology.

Internship Opportunities: Partnerships with organizations for internship opportunities, providing practical experience.

b. Adaptive Learning:

Adaptive Learning Platforms: Integrating adaptive learning platforms to cater to individual student needs.

Skill Development: Emphasis on developing practical skills like data analysis and scientific communication.

c. Support Services:

Career Services: Robust career services for online students, including resume building, interview preparation, and job placement assistance.

Alumni Network: Access to alumni network for ongoing support and mentorship.

8. Florida International University Online – Bachelor’s in Biology

a. Dynamic Curriculum:

Comprehensive Coverage: A dynamic curriculum covering various branches of biology, ensuring a well-rounded education.

Emerging Fields: Exploration of emerging fields in biology, such as biotechnology or bioinformatics.

b. Experiential Learning:

Internship Opportunities: Possibilities for internships with healthcare institutions, research labs, or environmental organizations.

Virtual Experiments: Integration of virtual experiments and simulations to enhance experiential learning.

c. Global Perspective:

Global Health Focus: Integration of global health perspectives in the curriculum, addressing biological challenges on a global scale.

Cultural Competency: Emphasis on cultural competency in biological research and practice.

When choosing an online Bachelor’s in Biology program, prospective students should carefully evaluate these aspects, considering their individual preferences, career goals, and the level of support and flexibility each program offers. Additionally, reaching out to program coordinators, current students, or alums can provide valuable insights into each program’s unique features and strengths.

Specializations Within Online Biology Degrees

Online biology degrees often allow students to specialize in specific areas of interest within the broad field of biology. Specializations enable students to focus their studies on particular aspects of biology that align with their career goals. Here are some common specializations within online biology degrees:

Specializations Within Online Biology Degrees

Choosing a specialization within an online biology degree allows students to tailor their education to match their career aspirations and interests. Specialized knowledge and skills gained in these areas can enhance career prospects in specific sectors of biology-related fields.


The pursuit of an online Bachelor’s in Biology is enriched by myriad programs prioritizing academic rigour and real-world relevance. Whether opting for the research-focused approach of the University of Illinois Springfield or the faith-integrated curriculum at Liberty University Online, each program offers a unique blend of strengths. From Arizona State University’s diverse concentrations to Colorado State University Global’s career-focused initiatives, students can find tailored pathways to success. As the biological sciences continue to evolve, these online programs stand as pillars of educational excellence, empowering students to make meaningful contributions to the ever-expanding realm of biology.

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