Top 8 Solar Panel Companies In Australia

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The Australian solar market is promising, and some manufacturers currently operating in the country are world-renowned. Solar power is a rapidly expanding business in Australia. With plentiful land, sun, and wind resources, Australia is the world’s sixth-largest solar market. Let’s look at some of the top solar panel companies in Australia.

Top 8 solar panel companies in Australia

Here’s a list of the top 8 solar panel companies in Australia:

Longi solar panels

LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2000, is dedicated to becoming the planet’s most valuable solar technology firm. The company’s objective is to build a green world, and the brand positioning is of the most trusted, reliable solar company that blazes the trail for green technology.

Top 8 solar panel companies in Australia


  • The company revenue is about ¥ 128.998 Billion
  • The company has almost 60,601 global employees.
  • In the Fortune China 500, Longi solar panels have got 168

Jinko solar panels

JinkoSolar integrates on-time delivery, unmatched service, and unrivaled product reliability as part of its structure. Each part ensures they remain fully connected to their customers and highly responsive to their needs.

Top 8 solar panel companies in Australia


  • One of the largest solar manufacturing companies in the world is the Jinko manufacturer.
  • The company keeps in touch and is committed to its customers during the entire 25-year lifespan of the panel.

SUNPOWER solar panels

Sunpower solar panels flagship panels are sustainably produced and designed to last. According to the company website, solar panels can last up to 40 years of warranty. Mexon Solar Technologies manufactures and designs Sunpower solar technology, a global leader in solar innovation.

Sunpower solar panels

Trina solar panels

The Triana solar panels 210 Vertex Super Factory applies advanced technologies and is home to the intelligent manufacturing of modules compatible with 210mm large-size wafers.

Top 8 Solar Panel Companies In Australia


  • To date, the company has shipped 83 gigawatts worldwide and counting.

REC solar panels

The company website writes that it is a solar manufacturer founded in Norway and has been trusted for over two decades.

Top 8 Solar Panel Companies In Australia


  • The company has manufactured 46 plus million panels.
  • That accounts for a total of 13.4 plus gigawatts of energy produced.
  • As per the website, 20.5 million people are powered at home.


Canadian Solar Panels

Canadian Solar was founded in 2001 and debuted on the NASDAQ in 2006. Over the past two decades, Canadian Solar has been on top of solar energy and energy storage solutions.

Canadian Solar


  • The company has done 104 GW solar modules shipments and 3GWh utility-scale battery storage shipments.
  • The company has a 25GW project in the pipeline and a 52GWh energy project pipeline.
  • The company has active buying customers in more than 160 countries and over 23 manufacturing facilities in Asia & Americas.

Seraphim solar panels

Seraphim Solar Panels was founded in 2011 and has accomplished significant achievements such as production capacity innovative designs that have given them an edge against the competitors.



  • The BNEF has listed the company’s TIER 1 solar module maker for nine consecutive years.
  • As per the company website, 20 GW modules installed
  • The company has 12GW module production capacity
  • It has expanded to more than 100 destination countries

8. Hyundai Energy solutions

Hyundai solar panels have been in Australia for a decade now and are one of the biggest consumer brand names in the world.



  • Hyundai Panel meets Australian government guidelines.
  • The panel is designed in a way that they can bear rigorous weather conditions like heavy snow and strong wind.
  • Hyundai’s Research and Development Centre is an accredited UL and VDE global safety certifications test laboratory.

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