Top 10 Green Start-ups: Building A Better Future

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Today, the number of green start-ups is increasing due to various environmental issues and disasters that our world is facing. Numerous people, especially the youth, have taken these issues seriously and are trying to make a difference in their own way. Across the world, several green start-ups are seeking to tackle climate-related problems by developing facilities, products, and resources through their environmental-friendly companies. These top 10 green start-ups help to create a green industry in society. The start-ups prove helpful in solving climate-related issues by developing innovative software solutions. Taking inspiration from these green start-ups, numerous companies have also begun to incorporate eco-friendly policies to gain support from consumers or to decrease environmental damage.

From building algae micro-farms, energy sharing, commodities trading to designing solar panels and more, these top 10 green start-ups are searching for ways to mitigate the effects of climate change. With a strong passion for the environment and biodiversity, the founders and members of these start-ups are building a better future for us! Although most of these start-ups require low investments, they have the potential to grow exponentially into a well scalable model.

Here Are The Top 10 Green Start-ups That Are Trying To Build A Better Future:

1. Biome Makers

Did you know that the very ground we walk on plays an essential role in mitigating climate change? The fertility of the soil is important for the functioning of our ecosystems. Soil performs numerous functions such as pulling away carbon dioxide from the air, aiding seeds to grow, providing a home for millions of micro-organisms, etc. Maintaining the health and fertility of the soil is a major step towards a better future. The start-up company, Biome Makers, was founded in 2015 by Alberto Acedo and Adrian Ferrero. This green start-up is committed to solving the problem of infertility in the soil and improving the health of the soil. Biome Makers implements AI technology to develop systems that can aid farmers in increasing their crop yields and quality.

Top 10 Green Start-ups Biome Makers

2. Fuergy

Fuergy is a green start-up that was founded in Slovakia. It is a private start-up and was established in February 2018. Fuergy promotes itself as the Airbnb of clean and sustainable energy. The start-up has constructed brAln– an AI software and hardware device. The brAln is a product that optimises energy consumption and maximises clean and renewable energy resources. Customers that utilise the brAln, reduce their energy costs considerably, as mentioned by Fuergy’s website. Fuergy generates income by selling its devices. These devices can revolutionise the way we use our energy and power today.

Top 10 Green Start-ups Fuergy


3. Aurora Solar

Currently, numerous people are searching to substitute their energy sources for green and renewable sources. At the top of the list of renewable energy sources are solar panels. Solar panel companies are increasingly growing popular today. Aurora Solar is a green start-up that provides software systems for several solar power companies. This software enables the companies to design and sell solar panelling systems to consumers all around the world. Aurora Solar has generated revenue up to $50 million in the Series B funding round. The United States government has planned to invest around $2 trillion into this business, giving it the opportunity to flourish.

Aurora Solar

4. Facedrive

Facedrive is another green start-up that runs as a ride-sharing and food delivery system, similar to Lyft and Uber. This green start-up is a Canadian business that is based in Richmon Hill, Ontario, Toronto. The company was founded in 2016. Facedrive, since its establishment in 2016, has pledged to keep the planet and people first through its efficient and eco-friendly transportation service. The Facedrive food delivery app is one of a kind as it is Canada’s first green food delivery system.


5. Treeapp

Planting trees is an important step toward climate change mitigation. Normally the first step to making a change is planting a tree. Even though trees take serval years to grow fully, they will greatly benefit our future. Being stuck in urban cities, people rarely get the opportunity to plant trees outside. Treeapp helps you with just that! Tree app enables you to grow trees from anywhere in the world in an instant. Leo Ng, Godefroy Harito, and Jules Buker developed this app together. The app planted around 230,000 trees in different parts of the world just within the first year of its launch.

Top 10 Green Start-ups Treeapp

6. Power Ledger

Power Ledger is a start-up company founded in 2016 in Perth, Australia. Power Ledger is a green technology company that operates in two markets, energy trading and environmental commodities trading. This energy trading platform aid customers and consumers in improving their energy sources by enabling them to share any extra energy sources with other consumers, with no subsidiaries. Customers can engage in commodities trading by using the start-up’s software. Power Ledger has various strategic partnerships in Japan, Australia, and Silicon Valley. The company is working on numerous projects in Southeast Asia and New Zealand.

Power Ledger

7. Eco Cart

This green start-up is a browser extension company that enables its customers to balance their carbon emissions. Eco Cart was founded by Peter Twomey and Dane Baker in 2019. Eco Cart has partnered with around 10,000 companies, such as Glossier. Users get a chance to earn EcoPoints and can receive various rewards. Using Eco Cart helps to provide trees and clean water across the world. This start-up has claimed to have offset about 4 million pounds of C02 emissions, saved around 8,000 trees, and helped to power over 700 homes so far. Recently, Eco Cart has raised about $3 million in funding, providing it with an opportunity to build a better future.

Top 10 Green Start-ups Ecocart

8. Smart Microfarms

Sustainable micro-farms are currently on the rise. The green start-up called Smart Microfarms grows profitable, nutritious, and sustainable algae known as Spirulina. Smart Microfarms produce adaptable micro-farms for neighbourhood gardens, communities, homes, and companies to grow their own Spirulina. Smart Microfarms use technology that not only aids algae growers but also makes it accessible to rookie farmers. This helps to improve food security and businesses and also reduces the need to ask experts for production advice. Smart Microfarms has grown into a huge powerhouse in the production of algae for sustainable farming. This green start-up can be an inspiration to all farming activities.

Smart Microfarms

9. FuelGems

Have you ever heard of fuel being more sustainable and eco-friendly? This green start-up focuses on turning traditional fuel into sustainable fuel instead of focusing on electric and hybrid resources. FuelGems was founded by Kirill Gichunts. FuelGems has created a fuel additive that decreases the emissions produced by biofuels, diesel, gasoline, etc. The interesting fact about FuelGems is that only 2 to 5 grams of their fuel additive are required to treat about 200 gallons of fuel. Recently, the start-up has secured about $900,000 in funding to develop green technology.


10. Olive

Olive shopping has grown immensely all around the world, proving to be even more wasteful than it was before. Today, overconsumption can take place by just sitting at home with the click of a button. This has led to an increase in waste and emissions. Olive, a green start-up, is dedicated to developing a greener method to shop online by partnering with brands like Adidas, Goop, and more. Olive provides a single delivery system that adds all items together instead of delivering one item at a time. The initial goal of the start-up was to reduce the number of single-use packaging connected to online shopping.

The Way Forward

With the present climate change conditions, we need many more initiatives like these top 10 green start-ups. Investors and governments of various countries are also now making conscious efforts to promote such green initiatives. Therefore in this decade, we are very likely to see a new Avatar of the Green Revolution. We will see continuous growth in this green industry as more and more entrepreneurs are entering this field, seeing the growth in consumer demands for green products. So we as individuals also have a bigger role to play in this as what we demand only gets supplied. So we all must be environmentally aware and move forward toward sustainable development.

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