Three Indian Cities In Top 10 Most Polluted Worldwide

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In the aftermath of Diwali celebrations, renowned for its vibrant firework displays, the air quality crisis in India has escalated to alarming levels. According to the latest data from Swiss group IQAir, New Delhi, as anticipated, claimed the unenviable top spot in the list of the world’s most polluted cities, registering an air quality index (AQI) of 420, firmly placing it in the ‘hazardous’ category. Surprisingly, the report also says Three Indian Cities In the Top 10 Most Polluted Worldwide.

What is particularly concerning is that New Delhi is not alone in grappling with dangerously high pollution levels. Joining the capital in the top 10 are Kolkata, securing the fourth position with an AQI of 196, and Mumbai, ranking eighth with an AQI of 163.

An AQI range of 400-500 is considered hazardous for healthy individuals and poses a severe risk to those with pre-existing health conditions. The situation is far from comfortable for individuals with asthma, lung, and heart problems, as an AQI of 150-200 brings significant discomfort. Ideally, an AQI between 0-50 is considered good.

Three Indian Cities In Top 10 Most Polluted Worldwide

New Delhi, in particular, witnessed a rapid deterioration in air quality, with an alarming AQI of 680 recorded in the early hours of Monday morning. Despite annual bans on firecrackers, enforcement remains challenging, contributing to escalating pollution levels during the festive season.

The decline in air quality is an annual occurrence in India, exacerbated by the onset of winter. Cold air traps pollutants from various sources, including vehicles, industrial emissions, construction dust, and agricultural burning. Authorities in New Delhi had initially contemplated restricting vehicular movement, but the decision was postponed pending a review after a brief respite following Friday’s rain.

The three Indian cities In the top 10 most polluted worldwide crisis is a stark reminder of the urgent need for stringent measures to address pollution and protect public health. As citizens and authorities grapple with the consequences of festive revelry, calls for sustained efforts to combat air pollution are growing louder. The global community watches with concern as India contends balancing tradition with environmental responsibility.

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