Three Hosts Of The COP Summit Join Forces To Raise Climate Ambitions

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In a significant move to combat climate change, the United Arab Emirates, the host of the previous COP summit, has joined forces with Azerbaijan and Brazil, the upcoming hosts of the U.N. climate summits in 2024 and 2025, respectively. Announced on Tuesday, this collaboration aims to intensify efforts in setting more ambitious goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The urgency for decisive climate action has never been more critical as the world grapples with the increasing frequency of extreme weather events and the continuous shattering of temperature records. Despite facing political resistance to climate initiatives in certain regions, the trio of summit hosts is determined to spearhead a global drive towards heightened climate ambitions.

The newly formed “troika” announced by the UAE’s COP28 presidency focuses on securing more aggressive commitments to CO2 reduction in the lead-up to the pivotal COP30 summit in Belem, Brazil, in 2025. “The fight against climate change cannot afford a standstill; we must leverage every effort to keep the 1.5°C goal within our reach,” emphasized Sultan Al Jaber, the UAE’s lead for the previous year’s negotiations, referring to the target set by the 2015 Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

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In November, a key agenda item for this year’s COP29 summit in Baku, Azerbaijan, is establishing a new global climate finance target to support developing nations. However, many are setting their sights on the 2025 summit in Brazil as a critical juncture for international climate diplomacy, where nearly 200 countries will be expected to present updated national strategies for reducing carbon emissions.

The upcoming review of countries’ climate pledges is a crucial chance to prevent global temperatures from exceeding the critical 1.5°C warming limit. This benchmark is significant because it represents a threshold beyond which the risks of drastic climate impacts, such as extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and biodiversity loss, increase substantially.

The world is on a trajectory that could surpass this limit, primarily due to escalating global greenhouse gas emissions driven by fossil fuel consumption, deforestation, and industrial processes. The revision of national climate commitments offers a window of opportunity for nations to reassess and enhance their strategies for reducing emissions.

By setting more ambitious targets and implementing effective climate policies, countries can contribute to a collective global effort to mitigate climate change. This process is about avoiding the adverse effects of global warming and transitioning towards sustainable, low-carbon economies that can provide cleaner air, healthier communities, and new economic opportunities. The importance of this moment cannot be overstated, as it represents a pivotal point in the global response to climate change, with the potential to shape the future of our planet and generations to come.

This initiative comes when climate policies face scrutiny in the political arena, with figures like Donald Trump in the United States and various far-right parties in the European Union expressing scepticism towards climate measures as they engage with the electorate. Nonetheless, the collaborative effort by the COP summit hosts underscores a committed global leadership stance towards meaningful climate action, aiming to galvanize international consensus and drive forward the global climate agenda.

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