Tesla Solar Panels Review: Is It Worth Purchasing?

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Tesla solar panels are identical to those sold by other companies. Depending on where you reside, they will be installed by Tesla’s installation team or a Certified Tesla Installer. Tesla does not make its panels. Instead, it uses solar panels from other manufacturers. Tesla’s solar panels perform averagely but feature an all-black style that makes them less noticeable on your roof than some competitors. Tesla also installs solar panels using unique mounting equipment, resulting in a low profile and fewer holes punched in your roof. Read further to have a comprehensive Tesla solar panels review.

Tesla Solar Panels Review

Tesla solar panels have average performance. There are no standout specifications that they excel at, which may be a surprise given Tesla’s reputation as a luxury brand. Tesla argues that the panels installed on your roof may not match these requirements because they have several variants. They are slightly larger than most solar panels, but the dimensions include the frame, so the size is only an issue if you have limited roofing space. Overall, the Tesla solar panels review will do the job, but they could be better.

tesla solar panels review

Tesla excels in pricing and product warranty. Tesla solar panels are far less expensive than the standard solar panel installation, and Tesla guarantees a price match if you get a lower price from another installer. The product guarantee is nearly twice as long as the industry standard, which is ideal if you encounter a problem down the line. Tesla solar systems include an additional 10-year comprehensive warranty that covers the Tesla solar inverter, roof mounts, and leaks. In most cases, these are covered by separate warranties from individual manufacturers, so Tesla covers everything under one umbrella conveniently.

Cost Per Watt Panel Wattage Efficiency Dimensions Product Warranty Performance Warranty
Industry Average $3.00 Per Watt 400W 20%-21% 65″x39″ 12 Years 25 years, 0.50% annual degradation rate
Tesla Solar Panels $2.50 Per Watt 400W 20.40% 74.4″x41.2″ 25 Years 25 years, 0.54% annual degradation rate

Additional Advantages of Tesla’s Solar Panels

Aside from low-cost solar panels and a great battery, Tesla solar systems offer further perks. Other advantages of Tesla Solar include:

1. System monitoring: Tesla’s solar monitoring interface is among the finest in the game. The Tesla app permits you to check your solar production, use, and battery status directly from your phone. It’s simple to use and understand.

2. Tesla’s inverter: Tesla’s solar inverter is excellent! With four maximum power point trackers, the single inverter suits even the most complicated system designs. It also has a design similar to that of the powerwall, making it appear sleeker than other string inverters.

3. System components from a single firm: When you go solar with Tesla, you get all your equipment from the same source. This means you must deal with one company for all your future warranty issues rather than figuring out who to contact for each system component.

Overall, if you’re searching for affordable solar, Tesla is the way to go. Tesla sells solar panels far cheaper than other installation businesses since they do not have to worry about client acquisition costs and frequently outsource the installation. Given the Tesla brand’s vibe, its solar panels are pretty ordinary. They look beautiful, and the custom racking makes them a more unobtrusive addition to your roof, but they need to stand out in terms of performance.

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