Tesla Cybertruck: 5 Major Issues To Be Noted!

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The pioneering electric vehicle (EV) company has always been on the cutting edge of revolutionizing the automotive sector. Tesla’s introduction of the Tesla Cybertruck sent shockwaves through the industry. Despite this future car’s excitement, potential purchasers and fans should be aware of a few significant drawbacks.

Five Significant Issues of Tesla Cybertruck

tesla cybertruck

Source: Times Now News

1. Rust

This stainless steel car is capable of becoming discoloured. While Tesla Cybertruck owners who have written in forums about rust spots on their vehicles are surprised, Tesla appears to have been aware that its truck is vulnerable to everyday things. In the owner’s manual, Tesla states, “To prevent damage to the exterior, immediately remove corrosive substances (such as grease, oil, bird droppings, tree resin, dead insects, tar spots, road salt, industrial fallout, etc.).” However, an engineer for the Tesla Cybertruck responded to concerns that it rusts, writing on X that Tesla Cybertruck customers are witnessing “surface contamination only and can be cleaned off easily.

The issue extends beyond simply ruining the truck’s appearance; automobile experts point out that rust can harm the interior components of a car and limit your vehicle’s ability to manage accidents, putting your life in danger. So, owning a Tesla Cybertruck in Houston rain could be challenging.

2. Off-road performance

Despite Tesla’s marketing claims that the Tesla Cybertruck can handle rugged terrain, some owners discovered constraints on where they may go off-road.

In December, a photograph of a Tesla Cybertruck trapped in the Stanislaus National Forest near Sonora, California, went viral. While harvesting a Christmas tree, the truck appeared to lose traction and fell down an embankment in a well-known off-highway vehicle area.

3. The “frunk” poses a risk of bodily damage

Tesla advised owners to ensure that “all hands and other objects are free of the powered frunk” (front trunk) “before closing it.” So, of course, people experimented to see what would happen if there were obstacles in the road.

While the frunk will rise back up if it detects opposition from the front, it has been demonstrated that it will not do so when items approach from the side. In one test, a YouTuber inserted a carrot into the back of the frunk, and the vegetable was chopped with a corner of the hood in what Inside EVs described as a “guillotine.”

4. It cannot withstand the cold

Like other Tesla vehicles, the Tesla Cybertruck does not perform well in the cold. This is because its lithium-ion batteries can lose their ability to charge or keep power in harsh weather. This inconvenience was demonstrated during a recent freeze in Chicago when some EV owners were stranded. A “bunch of dead robots” stacked up in parking lots when drivers were unable to charge their vehicles as temperatures dropped below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Design dilemmas

Tesla Cybertruck owners have also stated that their trucks’ stainless steel panels are misaligned. It’s a problem that affects more than just the car’s appearance; it can also cause increased wind noise and water leaks. The truck additionally deviates from standard specifications by lacking a rear-view mirror and having easily removable side mirrors. Tesla placed cameras to allow drivers to see these sights instead, albeit some pedestrians may want to exercise caution around the vehicle.

In conclusion, the Tesla Cybertruck boasts a new design and cutting-edge technology. However, Tesla’s polarising aesthetics, production constraints, unclear regulatory compliance, restricted customization possibilities, and potential safety risks underscore vital challenges the company must overcome to succeed in the highly competitive car industry.

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  1. Robert Pierre

    Just happened to be in Meatpacking district in NYC yesterday & 3 Cybertrucks were on display in the streets near the Tesla showroom. Guess it was a marketing campaign having people sit inside & gag at this eye catching “moon vehicle” haha. Very impressive inside & out! Will definitely turn heads anywhere!


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