Tamilnadu Floods Killed Atleast 31: Report

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In a devastating week for India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu, at least 31 people have lost their lives due to severe flooding and heavy rains. Federal Finance Minister Nirmala Sithraman, addressing the situation on Friday, highlighted the extensive rescue operations underway. Read in detail about the Tamilnadu Floods in this article.

The state, known for its significant role in India’s electronics and manufacturing sectors, has seen several districts paralyzed by the deluge. Whole neighbourhoods, roads, and railway tracks remain submerged in water following a cyclone that recently battered India’s southeastern coast.

Tamilnadu Floods Killed Atleast 31: Report

Rescue Efforts and Casualty Concerns of Tamilnadu Floods

Minister Sithraman expressed concerns that the death toll could rise as rescue efforts continue. She noted that over 40,000 people have been rescued, but many remain stranded in the floodwaters. Rescue teams are facing challenges in reaching the worst-hit areas, with local volunteers like M. Balamurugan working tirelessly to distribute food and essentials using tractors and boats.

The Tamil Nadu weather department reported over 64 mm of rainfall this week, a significant increase from the 20 mm considered normal for this time of year. The department predicts more rainfall in parts of the state in the coming days.

Memories of Past Disasters in Tamilnadu

For many residents, the current floods bring back painful memories of the 2015 Chennai floods, which claimed 290 lives and caused extensive damage to the state capital.

The nation with the highest population globally is among the most severely impacted by the climate crisis, as indicated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This crisis has the potential to affect 1.4 billion people across the country adversely.

As Tamil Nadu grapples with the aftermath of this natural disaster, the focus remains on rescue and relief operations, with a cautious eye on the weather forecasts for the days ahead. The state government and local authorities are working to provide aid and support to those affected while the nation watches and lends its support.

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