Snake Season Starts Early As High Temps Hit Australia

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As high temperatures scorch the Australian landscape, an unexpected and potentially perilous event has unfolded: the commencement of snake season, well ahead of its anticipated schedule. The intersection of global warming and Australia’s warmest winter on record has set the stage for an early surge in snake activity. This phenomenon is prompting an “urgent warning” from the Australian Reptile Park, urging citizens to exercise vigilance against encounters with venomous snakes. A statement issued by the Australian Reptile Park highlights a clear correlation between elevated temperatures and heightened snake activity. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that snake season starts early as high temps hit Australia.

The park’s operations manager, Billy Collett, underscores that venomous snakes become more active in an environment characterized by rising temperatures and winter rainfall. Contrary to popular belief, Collett emphasizes that snakes are not inherently aggressive toward humans. They typically strike when threatened or cornered, such as during attempts to capture or harm them. Collett advises that individuals can significantly minimize their risk of snake-related harm by avoiding such confrontations.

The Genesis of Snake Season

Snake Season Starts Early As High Temps Hit Australia

Snake season is a natural cycle linked to reptilian behavior. During the colder months, these creatures enter a state known as brumation—a hibernation that conserves energy. Emerging from this state typically occurs around September or October when the weather warms and external heat becomes accessible for warmth.

Australia’s winters, mirroring the global escalating temperature trend, have been experiencing gradual warming. This year, July marked the fourth warmest month on record for New South Wales. Countrywide, temperatures soared nearly 1.2 degrees Celsius above the historical average during this period.

The confluence of these factors has prompted an early emergence of snakes from their dormant state, leading to a significant uptick in calls to snake catchers as citizens encounter these reptiles in their surroundings.

Prudent Measures in Snake Encounters

In a snake encounter, adopting rational and precautionary measures is crucial. Firstly, remain calm to prevent instigating any erratic behavior from the snake. Secondly, avoid actions that may provoke the snake, such as attempting to chase it away or poking it. Instead, calmly distance yourself and the snake by walking around it.

The effects of climate change and Australia’s warming winters have ushered in an early snake season, presenting a unique challenge to residents nationwide. The Australian Reptile Park’s cautionary message underscores the importance of coexisting with these creatures while avoiding confrontations that can lead to harmful outcomes. As Australia grapples with the consequences of an environment in flux, that is, snake season starts early as high temps hit Australia, a heightened awareness of snake behavior and safety measures is crucial for ensuring both human well-being and the preservation of its unique wildlife.

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