Sierra Leone’s Capital Under Threat By Deforestation: UN

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Freetown is experiencing a severe environmental challenge, with Sierra Leone’s capital under threat by deforestation, as highlighted in a recent United Nations report. Beautifully situated on a forested peninsula, the city depends significantly on the surrounding national park lands for its water supply, a resource now imperilled by ongoing tree-clearing activities.

The UN report, released on Tuesday, sheds light on the critical condition of the national park that serves as Freetown’s primary source of clean water. The park has witnessed a significant loss of its forest cover, estimated at 26% of its 18,000 hectares since 2016. This decline is attributed to human activities such as land grabbing, charcoal burning, quarrying, and marijuana cultivation. Sierra Leone’s capital under threat by deforestation highlights the growing concerns around the sustainability and future of the region.

The consequences of this deforestation are dire, with the report warning of potential slope destabilization, water shortages, landslides, and floods. These environmental challenges could escalate if the forest coverage is not closely monitored and preserved.

Sierra Leone's Capital Under Threat By Deforestation: UN


Sierra Leone’s Environment Minister, Jiwoh Abdulai, expressed grave concerns over the situation, describing the deforestation as “tragic, worrying, and alarming.” Despite the government’s efforts to enforce laws and policies, including demolishing temporary structures in the national park, the challenge remains formidable.

The problem extends beyond the city’s borders, reflecting a broader issue faced by many urban areas in West Africa. Rapid urban expansion often leads to encroachment on forest lands, as seen in Ivory Coast’s recent construction of a concrete fence to protect its parkland near Abidjan.

Maada Kpenge, the managing director of the state-owned Guma Valley Water Company, which services Freetown, stated the city is already experiencing water shortages due to deforestation. He emphasized the seriousness of the issue, highlighting the urgent need for effective solutions.

The unfolding scenario in Freetown, Sierra Leone, is a poignant illustration of the intricate interplay between urban expansion and environmental preservation, a dilemma that cities worldwide are grappling with more frequently. As urban areas burgeon, the demand for land and resources intensifies, often leading to encroachment on natural spaces. Freetown’s experience is particularly telling; its struggle with deforestation underscores the critical need to harmonize urban development with ecological sustainability.

This challenge is not unique to Freetown but resonates globally as urban centres expand, often at the expense of the environment. The city’s struggle mirrors a larger narrative where the appetite for urban growth and development clashes with the imperative to protect natural habitats. In Freetown, the rapid loss of forest cover threatens biodiversity and jeopardizes vital ecosystem services, such as clean water provision, that are essential for urban life.

The Freetown dilemma highlights the urgency for cities to adopt forward-thinking strategies that integrate environmental considerations into urban planning. It’s a call to action for sustainable development practices that ensure urban growth does not come at an irreversible cost to our natural environments. This balance is critical for the health and well-being of the planet and its urban populations.

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