Russia Floods: Thousands Evacuated After Dam Burst Led To Rising Water Levels

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Russia is facing a significant flooding emergency as the rapid melting of snow causes some of Europe’s largest rivers to swell, leading to record water levels across the Ural Mountains, as reported by the country’s emergency ministry. Russia floods led to the evacuation of thousands when the Ural River burst into a dam.

Russia Floods

The Ural River, which begins in the Ural Mountains and flows towards the Caspian Sea, saw a remarkable increase in water levels on Friday, rising by several meters within a short period. This surge resulted in the breach of a dam embankment in the city of Orsk, situated approximately 1,800 km (1,100 miles) east of Moscow.

In Orsk, over 4,000 individuals, including 885 children, were evacuated as extensive areas of the city, with a population of 230,000 in the Orenburg region, were inundated by flooding. Videos released by the emergency ministry depicted individuals navigating through waters as high as their necks, rescuing stranded dogs, and traversing flooded roads using boats and canoes.

Denis Pasler, the governor of the Orenburg region, remarked that the floods represented the most severe in the region’s history. He noted that flooding had affected the entire span of the 2,400 km (1,500 miles) Ural River, which traverses the Orenburg region and extends into Kazakhstan before reaching the Caspian Sea.

According to Russian media reports citing authorities in the Orenburg region, the local estimated cost of Russia floods damage amounted to approximately 21 billion roubles ($227 million), with floodwaters expected to recede only after April 20.

The Russian government announced a federal emergency in Orenburg, where regional governor  President Vladimir Putin directed emergency minister Alexander Kurenkov to travel to the region. The Kremlin confirmed on Sunday that flooding was now expected in the Urals region of Kurgan and the Siberian region of Tyumen.

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