Rising Water Levels In Yangtze Might Cause Floods In China

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Rising water levels in the Yangtze River are causing concerns and leading to floods in China. Intense rains in southern China have led to an increase in water levels in the river, prompting regions downstream to prepare for potential floods. The Jiangsu section of China’s longest river continues to rise due to increased flow from its upper reaches and persistent rainfall.

floods in China

Nanjing Issues Flood Warning

On Wednesday, Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province, issued its second-highest flood warning. Authorities have banned various vessels, including passenger ferries, from entering or operating in the river’s Jiangsu section. China’s Ministry of Water Resources reported that water levels in the middle and lower courses of the Yangtze River have exceeded the warning mark.

In Jiangxi province, Poyang Lake’s water levels are being closely monitored. On Tuesday night, the authorities activated a second-level response for flood control. Poyang Lake recorded its highest water level in July 2020 at 22.7 meters.

Impact and Forecast

Earlier this week, heavy rainfall hit central China’s Hunan province. This caused the Miluo River in Pingjiang County to swell to its highest level in 70 years. Local authorities in Hunan activated the maximum emergency response level. State media showed large parts of the town waterlogged. Rescuers used boats to help stranded people.

About 340,000 people in China have been affected. Businesses are also suffering. A factory producing spicy snacks announced a five-day shutdown due to water outages, traffic blockages, and disrupted communication lines.

The rain is expected to start dissipating from the southern regions soon. Forecasters predict warmer temperatures will follow as rain clouds drift away. The rain belt causing floods in China around the central and lower sections of the Yangtze River will shift northwards from Wednesday night. Torrential rain is expected in provinces including Sichuan, Chongqing, and parts of Hubei, Henan, and Shandong, according to China’s National Meteorological Center.

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