Get Rewarded with Our Referral Program

Transform your connections into streams of revenue through our “Refer and Earn” program.

Introduce us to someone who could use our services, and you’ll earn money for each successful referral!

At Sigma Earth, we’re all about growing our network and taking on more CSR projects.
Be a part of the action! Join the program today!

How You Can Help

You Refer

Spread the word! Share the value of Sigma Earth’s exceptional services with potential leads in need of impactful solutions.

Connect Us

When you’ve encouraged someone’s interest, introduce them to us. Help us understand their needs and how we can contribute.

They Buy

Collaboration in action! We work closely with the client, tailoring solutions to their needs, and finalizing a contract that aligns with their goals.

Receive the Reward

Your effort doesn’t go unnoticed. As our way of saying thank you, you’ll earn a rewarding referral bonus for connecting us with a client.

Join Our Partner Program

Become a partner and refer others to us!
To facilitate the process, kindly complete our registration form with detailed information about you and the company you are referring. This step helps us provide personalized assistance and track your referrals effectively.

* I have permission from my referral to provide their details to for the purpose of being contacted by Sigma Earth sales team.
* I have read and agree to  Privacy Statement.
* I agree that I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this program.

Connect with us

Terms and Conditions

* Referral rewards are valid only when the person you referred books a project with Sigma Earth.
* The non-disclosure agreement and agency agreement are mandatory for formalizing our collaboration.
* If multiple people refer the same client, only the first person will get the referral reward.
* Sigma Earth reserves the right to modify or terminate the “Refer and Earn” program at any time.