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While being concerned about the environment, there is also some positive news that one can look at for being content with the efforts made and staying motivated to reach sustainable goals. Sustainable living on Earth is not a far-fetched reality and can be possible when the world takes initiatives to reverse the climate crisis. Stay motivated in your efforts with the Positive Environmental Stories of 2024,which will be discussed further in this article.

Some Of The Positive Environmental Stories of 2024

Here are some of the top positive environmental stories of 2024 that will make you experience the progress toward a brighter future on Earth;

Australia’s Barrier Reef Shows Signs of Recovery

After a whopping 36-year period of almost four decades, Australia’s great barrier reef shows signs of recovery, a positive indication of restoration attempts. Statistically, around 2/3 rd of the barrier reef has flourished with corals. Corals are sensitive indicators of climate change, and their recovery is a good sign. Most of the recovery is observed in the Northern and Central regions. However, AIMs have advised that the Corals are still vulnerable and need a close watch. The positive aspect of this news is that working towards restoration can significantly impact climate change attempts, even if it takes years. Therefore, it is one of the most Positive Environmental Stories of 2022.

Joe Biden Sign Climate Change Bill to Promote Renewable Sources of Energy in the US

Joe Biden’s campaign was focused on working towards renewable sources of energy and working towards a green America. His plan for this included a Climate Change Bill that focused on limiting fossil fuels and working on Green energy. According to this proposed Bill, it has the capacity of 1 Billion tons of Greenhouse Gas in the next eight years (by 2030). This 790 billion dollar bill was signed by Joe earlier this August and aims to reduce carbon emissions by 44% in the US. The Bill is focused on encouraging citizens to invest in greener energy choices, imposing environmental taxes and subsidies on green energy alternatives like electric-powered vehicles. Reduction in CO2 emissions in the US is one of the Positive Environmental Stories of 2022.

 Great Green Wall Initiative Promotes Carbon Sequestration

The Great Green Wall project in Central Africa has become a symbol of united efforts by various countries to restore the ecology and revive the barren land. Around eleven countries in the Sahel-Sahara region have given birth to this project. This initiative will bring back fertility to 100 million hectares of land, which have become barren. Furthermore, this will help in 250 million tons of carbon sequestration. This is considered to be one of the most significant ecology restoration projects. The best part is that it will boost eco-tourism and produce green jobs that don’t harm the environment. This is a positive step toward a bright future on earth.

Indian Lawmakers Pass Energy Conservation Bill

Earlier this year, in August, Indian Lawmakers took the next step in introducing the Energy Conservation Bill in Bangalore. The Bill aims to add taxes to industries for Carbon emissions and encourage organizations to switch to renewable energy sources. Besides this, it also ensures that corporations make good use of greener energy choices. Furthermore, there is also an introduction of Carbon saving certificates given to those who use cleaner energy choices. This was passed in the lower Parliament house and will now be moved to the upper Parliament. India has indeed begun focusing its attention on environmental restoration and projecting concerns about climate change.

Mithi River Rejuvenation Project

The Mithi river of Mumbai is one of the most polluted rivers in India; it has been obscured by garbage, dumps from neighboring slums, and more, destroying the ecosystem and relocation of species. The Mithi River reclamation project, which now hosts BKC or Bombay Kurla Complex, has created hydrological problems. However, the good news is that an Rs. 650 crore project has been allocated for the Mithi River recovery, which will transform Mumbai and revive the once-flourishing Mithi river. This will make Mumbai greener and restore the species which once habited this land. The project will take place phase-wise and is already in the development phase as of 2022.

Cheetah’s Returns from the Brink of Extinction to India


Positive Environmental Stories

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Another positive environmental story in India is the return of Cheetahs. Cheetahs went extinct in India in 1947, and the paws of these wild cats have been missing from India. As part of the Indian government’s initiative to bring wild cats back to India, eight cheetahs will arrive in India on the 17th of September from Namibia. Asiatic Cheetahs will soon make their paws on India since 1947 and aim to flourish Cheetahs which once dominated the Jungles of India. The project will work on breeding and fostering the growth of Cheetahs in the Indian subcontinent.

 Switching to Renewable Energy Sources in the EU Has Become an Asset in the Ukraine-Russia War Effort

The EU gets most of its natural gas from Russia; however, the sanctions imposed on Russia are catching up to the EU with a restricted supply of natural gas, triggering an energy crisis in Europe. However, the EU’s adaptation to renewable energy sources has allowed it to avoid 29 billion Euros of Natural gas, where 12% of the EU electricity comes from Solar Energy. Therefore, the bright side of switching to renewable energy sources in the EU has allowed it to remove its independence from natural gas and be self-reliant in its energy requirements. Europe has backed multiple Positive Environmental Stories of 2022, showing its leadership in the climate crisis.

Positive Environmental Stories

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The Bottom Line

2022 has seen many positive environmental stories, such as the introduction of immunity-boosting foods, paper cells, green alternatives for coffee pods, environment-focused climate bills, the introduction of zero emissions fairies, and more. A lot of work still needs to be done to resolve this climate crisis. These stories are motivating and make the world know that environmental initiatives genuinely have the potential to reverse the climate crisis. The world awaits more positive environmental stories of 2022 and for years to come until sustainable goals are achieved.




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