Northeast US Covered In Snow After Powerful Winter Storm

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The Northeast US is covered in snow and currently grappling with the aftermath of a potent nor’easter, potentially the most severe snowstorm the region has seen in the last two years. The storm has prompted New York City to switch to remote learning for public schools on Tuesday in anticipation of up to 8 inches of snow accumulation, disrupting the daily routines of millions.

Meteorologists have closely monitored the storm, forecasting snowfall rates that could reach 2 inches per hour across a broad swath from eastern Pennsylvania to Massachusetts. This intense snowfall is expected to coincide with Tuesday morning’s rush hour, compounding the challenges for commuters and city services in the Northeast US covered in snow. Particularly hard-hit areas, including eastern Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey, the Hudson Valley, and parts of Connecticut and Rhode Island, may see even more formidable rates of 2 to 3 inches per hour.

On Monday, winter alerts were in place for approximately 49 million individuals, from the Central Plains and Midwest to the Northeast and New England. This extensive weather alert system was triggered by a storm from Oklahoma and Missouri, bringing snow and severe weather conditions across the southern and Gulf Coast states. Severe thunderstorms and a tornado watch affected regions in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Florida Panhandle, impacting nearly 17 million people with flood alerts.

Northeast US Covered in Snow After Powerful Winter Storm

Mayor Eric Adams warned of significant snowfall in New York City, with predictions ranging from 5 to 8 inches and possibly even higher local accumulations. “All New York City public schools will transition to remote learning tomorrow,” Mayor Adams announced, taking to the social media platform X to inform residents and prepare them for the impending conditions.

City officials are also preparing for strong winds up to 40 mph and the rare thundersnow phenomenon around sunrise. Should the city be blanketed with 6 inches or more of snow, this nor’easter will be recorded as the largest snowstorm since January 2022, marking a significant meteorological event for the region.

The National Weather Service characterizes nor’easters as storms that bring heavy, wet snow and typically travel northward along the US East Coast, driven by northeasterly winds. This storm is a stark reminder of the powerful forces of nature and the importance of preparedness in the face of severe weather events.

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