Morocco Earthquake: Death Toll Exceeds 2000

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In the wake of the Morocco Earthquake, a devastating magnitude 6.8 quake that rocked the country, the death toll has now exceeded 2,000, with thousands more injured and trapped beneath the rubble. The situation remains dire as rescue efforts intensify, with an aftershock further complicating relief operations.

On Sunday, Morocco experienced a magnitude 3.9 aftershock, sending shockwaves through the affected regions and rattling rescue workers and residents. The initial earthquake, which struck on Friday, left ancient towns in ruins and disrupted the lives of countless people.

The United Nations estimates that approximately 300,000 individuals have been directly affected by the Morocco Earthquake, as search and rescue teams work tirelessly to unearth survivors from collapsed buildings.

Adeeni Mustafa, a resident of the town of Asni, located 30 miles south of Marrakech, spoke of the heart-wrenching situation: “There are a lot of blocked roads, a lot of people can’t find their parents, and a lot of people are still under the rubble. People are still searching for their relatives. Everything came down on them, the mountains, their homes.

Morocco Earthquake

International help & assistance

International aid organizations have swiftly responded to the Morocco Earthquake crisis. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent has allocated $1.1 million to assist the Moroccan Red Crescent in its emergency response efforts. President Joe Biden has also pledged U.S. assistance, although most international aid teams are awaiting formal requests for support from the Moroccan government.

Arnaud Fraisse, the founder of Rescuers Without Borders, expressed the situation’s urgency: “People are dying under the rubble, and we cannot do anything to save them.” Fraisse, currently in Paris, awaits approval to enter Morocco to aid in the rescue efforts.

A small team of disaster experts from the United States has arrived in Morocco to assess the situation, as reported by Reuters. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has committed to deploying 60 search-and-rescue officers, four sniffer dogs, and a four-person medical assessment team to assist. Additionally, rescue teams from Spain and Qatar are en route to Morocco to contribute to the rescue operations.

Pope Francis has extended his prayers for the victims of the Morocco Earthquake, highlighting the global outpouring of support for Morocco during this trying time. As the nation grapples with the aftermath of this natural disaster, the international community stands united in its commitment to providing aid and relief to those affected.

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