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Climate activists fighting for climate change mitigation and global injustice started the international movement known as the International Day of Climate Action. Storms, severe droughts, heat waves, rising sea levels, warming of the oceans, and habitat devastation are some environmental effects. What exactly is climate action? All those working to cut greenhouse gas emissions, which exacerbate climate change, enhance our ability to adapt to these concerns, incorporate policies that address climate change, and more.

History of International Day of Climate Action

The Environmentalists started the International Day of Climate Action in 2005 with the Global Climate Campaign. It is a direct-action protest event. The day’s primary objective is to educate the public about how human activity contributes to global warming. Additionally, this day calls for elected government officials to uphold the Kyoto Protocol’s (an international agreement that required states to limit their emissions of greenhouse gases) pledges.

More than 35 nations worldwide organized various protests about climate change in 2005. In 2020, there were events in more than 154 nations and 2362 cities to raise awareness of the sharp rise in global emissions and resource use. However, it should be remembered that the Coronavirus infected the entire world, which led to limits on many players. The fundamental objective of gathering climate activists from various communities worldwide is to increase public awareness of climate change.

What triggers Climate Change?

An undeniable hazard to our entire civilization is climate change. Without immediate action, the impacts are already apparent and will be disastrous. We can bring the essential reforms to protect the environment via education, innovation, and adherence to our climate obligations. These adjustments also offer enormous opportunities to update our infrastructure, creating new jobs and increasing wealth for everyone.

Numerous factors influence climate change. The climate has been changing since the making of Earth 4.5 billion years ago. Natural causes have been the origin of these alterations up until recently. Volcanic eruptions, modifications to the Earth’s orbit, and changes in the crust of the Earth (known as plate tectonics) are examples of natural factors that affect climate. However, we witness changes at a scale and rate that natural cycles cannot account for. Human activity—such as the combustion of fossil fuels—is causing most of the climate change.

Why Do We Need Climate Action?

Today, every nation on every continent is being impacted by climate change. National economies are being disrupted, lives are being affected, and today’s costs will only increase in the future for individuals, communities, and nations. The severe effects of climate change, like altered weather patterns, increasing sea levels, and more extreme weather events, are already being felt by people. Climate change is being caused by human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, which are rising. They are currently at their highest points ever. Without intervention, it is predicted that the planet’s average surface temperature will increase over the next century, potentially exceeding 3 degrees Celsius, with some regions of the globe seeing considerably greater warming. The most vulnerable and impoverished individuals are most impacted.

International Day of Climate Action Goals

Here are some reasons why the International Day of Climate Action is observed before we get into the specifics:

International Day of Climate Action Goals

  • Spread awareness about climate change

As we all know, climate change is one of the main issues we are now facing. We must educate ourselves on how Earth will be affected and what changes we can make to protect it.

  • Change the Way People Think

The International Day of Climate Action’s primary goal is to get people to reflect on what this world means to them and how they may express their gratitude for it. One of the mindsets this day attempts to promote is altering the damaging habits of consuming more resources than necessary to protect the environment.

  • Take Initiative

We largely commemorate the International Day of Climate Action to inspire members of our neighborhood to contribute to the preservation of our planet. After using them, starting with reusable rather than disposable things or recycling paper, plastic, etc., is a significant step. When it comes to reducing the rate of climate change or global warming, this can make a substantial difference.

Here is an illustration to help you comprehend the importance of recycling and tenacity. The energy saved by a single recycled plastic bottle is sufficient to power a 100-watt bulb for four hours. Additionally, it produces 50% less water pollution and 20% less air pollution than creating a new bottle.

  • Individual responsibilities

You have some responsibilities as an individual that you must fulfill to safeguard the globe from climate change. You might start by adhering to traditional environmental protection methods. These include adopting efficient energy-consuming goods, unplugging outlets when you leave a room, conserving water, recycling plastic, and, most importantly, lowering your carbon footprint.

Where Does Our World Stand in the Future?

The “climate crisis” results from accumulating many zonal climate changes, which have intensified and become more severe. This global climate change impacts every aspect of life on Earth. This adversely affects humans, plants, and animals, destroying biodiversity and local and international ecosystems.

The future of our planet and future generations gives me the most anxiety. Scientists warn there may be a disproportionate rise in extreme weather events if the Paris Agreement’s thresholds are exceeded. The term “tipping point” refers to this limit. When reached, the globe will become a “Greenhouse Earth” due to natural terrestrial feedback mechanisms that will accelerate the growth in intra-atmospheric heat.

However, many nations are increasing their efforts to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through the Paris Agreement, and some are even going above and beyond to employ new green agreements to reach the goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050.


Climate change undoubtedly significantly impacts society and, over time, is progressively killing our planet. We must, therefore, make efforts as a society to lessen the unpleasant aspects of our world. Deforestation, plastic usage, fossil fuels, excessive pesticide use, and other environmental pollutants are a few examples. In addition, governments, businesses, and other significant institutions must begin to address the climate crisis and prevent disastrous temperature increases seriously. Let us plan to lessen it by adequately commemorating the International Day of Climate Action and enticing people to plan their actions.

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