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The 2024 hydrogen car Toyota Mirai is the cheapest electric vehicle to reach 400 miles per charge—and one of only a few to be powered by hydrogen. Despite the sceptics, Toyota continues refining and marketing fuel-cell technology in this second-generation sedan. It’s the rarest Toyota and the most stylish, with a one-of-a-kind design and luxury cabin finishes seen nowhere else in the brand’s portfolio.

What’s New in 2024?

The only significant upgrades to the hydrogen car Toyota Mirai for 2024 are software updates and new exterior paint colours. Toyota Safety Sense, the Mirai’s basic driver assistance features, has been upgraded from version 2.5+ to version 3.0. This update introduces Traffic Jam Assist and Proactive Drive Assist, which can slow the car down in traffic without using cruise control. A digital smartphone key is optional on the XLE but standard on the Limited.

Elemental Silver is a new optional colour, while the Hydro Blue hue and 20-inch chrome wheels formerly exclusive to the Limited are now available on the XLE. Finally, if you’re lucky enough to find a Mirai, you’ll notice new badges that proclaim “FCEV” and “Beyond Zero,” which is Toyota’s current catchphrase for its commitment to build cars that aren’t just EVs.

Hydrogen Car Toyota Mirai Review 2024

Pricing and Which One to Buy

The 2024 hydrogen car Toyota Mirai ranges from $51,285 to $68,210, depending on trim and options. Toyota sells the Mirai in two trim levels: base XLE and loaded Limited, but we recommend the lower-cost option. Standard inside amenities include heated and power-adjustable seats, remote keyless entry and ignition, faux-leather upholstery, and a 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen. All Mirai models have a $15,000 fuel credit over three to six years (depending on whether you lease or buy) and 21 days of complimentary vehicle rentals if travel requires driving away from places with hydrogen fuel stations.

EV Motor: Power and Performance

The hydrogen car Toyota Mirai uses a fuel-cell electric powertrain that transforms hydrogen gas into electricity. This is a mobile chemical laboratory. The Mirai’s electric engine produces 182 horsepower, transferred to the rear wheels via a direct-drive gearbox. Although Toyota claims the Mirai takes 9.1 seconds to reach 60 mph, the quick nature of the electric motor’s power delivery makes it feel faster around town. Similarly, the rear-wheel-drive chassis provides a surprising level of agility while maintaining a smooth and balanced ride.

Range, Charging, and Battery Life

Hydrogen car Toyota claims the XLE variant can travel 402 miles on a single hydrogen fill-up. Going with the Limited model reduces the projection to 357 miles. Both figures place it at the top of the electric car rankings, but due to limited hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, drivers must stay close to California.

Fuel Efficiency and Real-World MPGe

No EPA fuel economy estimations have been published for the 2024 hydrogen car Toyota Mirai. Toyota claims the Mirai XLE can achieve up to 76 MPGe in city driving and 71 MPGe on the interstate. The Limited version has slightly lower figures, with 67 MPGe in the city and 64 MPGe on the interstate.

Safety and Driver Assistance Features

Like most Toyota models, the hydrogen car Toyota Mirai includes a standard package of driver-aid systems. Aside from the Lexus LS, the Mirai is the only Toyota in the United States to offer Teammate, a hands-free driving system similar to General Motors’ Super Cruise and Tesla’s Autopilot. A ten-year data subscription is included.

In conclusion, the hydrogen car Toyota Mirai is an evolving example of hydrogen fuel cell technology in the automotive industry. Its unique design and environmentally friendly operation demonstrate Toyota’s dedication to sustainable mobility. As the world seeks alternatives to traditional fossil fuels, the Mirai looks into a future in which hydrogen-powered vehicles play an essential role in lowering emissions and protecting the environment. With its remarkable performance and zero-emission capabilities, the hydrogen car Toyota Mirai is a step forward in automotive innovation and a beacon of hope for a cleaner, greener future.

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