How Long Can Solar Panel Last?

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Solar panels have become essential in sustainable energy solutions, yet many people are concerned about how long can solar panel last. Solar panels can last around 25 and 30 years with regular maintenance and technological developments, offering a dependable and efficient renewable energy source for decades.

How Long Can Solar Panel Last?

The longer your solar panels continue to generate electricity, the more money you’ll save. The positive news is that most household solar panels should last for 25 years before deterioration becomes apparent.

Even after that, solar panels can still convert sunlight into solar energy for up to a total of 35-40 years, but at a lower efficiency than when they were first installed. Although it is uncommon for a solar panel to stop producing electricity fully, the degradation rate may be high enough over time to warrant a complete replacement.

Aside from production guarantees for solar panels, many manufacturers provide shorter warranties for related equipment. This can assist in covering damage caused by extreme weather conditions, falling limbs, and so on. Solar panel racking systems are not covered by the same warranty as solar panels.

Which Solar Panels Last the Longest?

The quality of the solar panels is one of the most critical criteria in determining how long can solar panel last. Solar panels on the market are grouped into three categories: Tier One, Tier Two, and Tier Three. Among other industry criteria, Tier One manufacturers have been producing solar panels for five years, have solid finances, and are well-known for their service and product quality. Tier One manufacturers not only have more significant requirements, but their solar panels frequently provide more energy after 25 years than Tier Two or Tier Three panels. Tier One solar panels degrade at 0.30% per year, while Tier Two and Tier Three panels degrade at 0.50% and 0.80%, respectively. The caveat is that Tier One panels typically cost 10% to 30% upfront; however, this expense will likely be recouped over time.

According to a study by the NREL, the average degradation rate across all solar panels is 0.50%. That means your solar output could still be around 89% of its original value after 25 years.

Factors That Impact Solar Panel Lifespans

How Long Can Solar Panel Last?

Some elements influencing how long can solar panel last- the lifespan of solar panels, such as climate and significant weather occurrences, are beyond your control.

1. Quality: As the breakdown of solar panel Tiers demonstrates, the quality of your panels has a significant long-term impact on how long can solar panel last. Look at the manufacturer’s production warranty to understand what output to expect.

2. Installation: Working with an expert installer to install your solar panels ensures that the racking will sustain them for the long run. If your solar panels are not correctly mounted and wired, they may degrade more quickly. Many of the finest solar firms also perform maintenance checks to ensure the system functions correctly and identify any concerns before they become more significant problems.

3. Climate: Climate has a considerable impact on the lifespan and performance of solar panels. Heat causes the materials in solar panels to degrade faster than in colder circumstances. Other environmental variables, such as humidity, hail, and high winds, can all harm your solar panels, causing additional damage to different sections.

4. Maintenance: Aside from the possible savings and environmental benefits, one of the most appealing aspects of solar panels is their low maintenance requirements. However, caring for your solar panels can help increase their lifespan.

In conclusion, the industry norm for how long can solar panel last is 25 to 30 years. Most reputable manufacturers provide production warranties of 25 years or more. The solar panel energy savings average breakeven point is six to ten years after installation. If the panels continue to produce at a high level for another 15 years, you will save thousands of dollars over the solar panels’ lifetime.

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