Houston Storms Causes Prolonged Power Cuts, Surge In Heat & Mosquitoes

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Severe thunderstorms with hurricane-force winds wreaked havoc in Houston. The Houston storms led to power outages that could last for weeks. Nearly 1 million homes and businesses lost electricity as the storms tore through the city.

The powerful winds shattered windows in downtown high-rises and overturned vehicles. The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado with winds reaching 110 mph in Cypress, a suburb northwest of Houston.

Houston storms

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and Houston Mayor John Whitmire reported that crews are still assessing the damage and casualties. The storms resulted in four to five fatalities. Mayor Whitmire emphasized the intensity and suddenness of the storm.

Notably, the storm has caught many residents off guard. With multiple transmission towers down, thousands of utility workers are being mobilized to restore power. Currently, power has been restored to 200,000 customers, but 100,000 remain without power in Louisiana.

Impact on Daily Life

The severe weather has brought Houston to a near standstill. Trees, debris, and shattered glass clutter the streets. Moreover, many roads are flooded or blocked by downed power lines.

A building’s wall was ripped off, and at least 2,500 traffic lights are out. School districts have canceled classes for over 400,000 students, and government offices remain closed. Mayor Whitmire warned against looting, noting that police and 50 state troopers are patrolling the area.

Noelle Delgado, executive director of Houston Pets Alive, described the storm’s damage to their facility, with the awning torn off and water leaking inside.

She is seeking foster homes for more than 30 animals due to the expected prolonged power outage and rising temperatures.” Yesenia Guzmán, a restaurant worker in Katy, expressed concerns about her paycheck with the power still out.

Response and Recovery Efforts

President Joe Biden issued a disaster declaration for seven Texas counties. These counties include Harris, enabling federal funding for storm recovery. Harris County officials have described the damage to transmission lines as catastrophic.

High-voltage transmission towers were torn apart, impacting both transmission and distribution systems. According to Alexandria von Meier, an energy expert, this dual damage is rare and complicates repairs.

CenterPoint Energy deployed 1,000 employees and requested 5,000 additional workers to aid in repairs. Von Meier cautioned that customers want a quick fix. However, at the same time, the restoration process must be careful to avoid further damage and injuries.

The Damage Caused By The Houston Storms

The storm’s aftermath includes more severe weather warnings. Gulf Coast states could face additional thunderstorms with tornadoes, large hail, and damaging winds. Heavy rainfall is expected in eastern Louisiana and central Alabama. There are flood watches and warnings in effect for Houston and surrounding areas.

In Louisiana, a tornado was reported in Convent, with significant damage but no injuries. Wind gusts at New Orleans airports reached up to 84 mph. The area remains under a flash flood warning, with the potential for more severe weather in the coming days.

The Houston storms have left many Houstonians dealing with prolonged power cuts. There are high temperatures and a surge in mosquitoes. With power restoration efforts ongoing and more storms predicted, the community faces a challenging recovery period. Residents are urged to stay safe and avoid unnecessary travel.

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