Heavy Rains Return To Southern Brazil Again With Floods In Porto Alegre

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As heavy rains return to Southern Brazil, the situation has worsened there. The rains returned on May 23, flooding parts of Porto Alegre and reversing days of clean-up efforts. This latest deluge hit areas previously unaffected by the recent catastrophic weather in Rio Grande do Sul’s capital city.

Over the past month, record flooding has devastated southern Brazil. The floods have claimed 163 lives and displaced around 600,000 people. Additionally, 64 individuals remain missing. In recent days, the rains have lessened, allowing residents to begin rebuilding.

Stores reopened, and life began to return to a semblance of normalcy. However, the heavy rains on May 23 morning quickly changed the situation. It further led to renewed flooding in many parts of Porto Alegre.

Heavy Rains Return To Southern Brazil

The sudden downpour overwhelmed the city. In the Menino Deus neighborhood, a daycare center that had reopened only the day before had to evacuate. This happened after floodwaters surged in. “It all happened very quickly, much faster than last time,” said the daycare director.

In just 12 hours, parts of Porto Alegre received more rainfall than they typically do in a month. The National Meteorological Institute revealed this news. Areas in the southern part of the city, which had previously been spared, were also flooded.

Residents of Porto Alegre faced significant challenges due to the fresh flooding. Gimena Samuel, who lives in the Cavalhada neighborhood, had to arrange for her elderly parents to be rescued. “There are a lot of elderly people here who can’t get out by themselves,” she said.

She highlighted the urgent need for assistance in flooded areas. Earlier in the week, the city had instructed residents to leave their trash out for collection. However, the new rains washed the trash into the streets, clogging drains and worsening the flooding situation.

Porto Alegre Mayor Sebastiao Melo addressed the media, acknowledging that the city had anticipated the rain but not the severity. “The downpour was excessively heavy,” he said. Despite the city’s efforts, many residents expressed frustration over the lack of adequate warning and preparation for such severe weather.

As heavy rains return to Southern Brazil, people there have been struggling. Porto Alegre continues to grapple with the aftermath of these floods. The focus remains on rescue and relief efforts for the affected population. The community’s resilience is being tested once more as they face the daunting task of recovery yet again.

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