Heavy Rains Have Led To Airport Roof Collapse In Delhi

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At least one person died after the roof of a terminal building at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi partially collapsed due to heavy rains. The incident, the Airport roof collapse in Delhi, led to the cancellation of several domestic flights. The collapse occurred early on Friday, prompting authorities to evacuate Terminal 1 and halt flights until 2 pm (08:30 GMT). Civil Aviation Minister K Ram Mohan Naidu confirmed the fatality while speaking to reporters at the airport.

Airport Roof collapse in Delhi

Source: Al Jazeera Video

Injuries and Damage

Atul Garg, Director of Delhi Fire Services, reported that at least eight people sustained injuries in the collapse, which happened in the terminal’s domestic departure area. Images broadcast showed a taxi crushed under a damaged metal pillar at the entrance of the terminal. Terminal 1, used primarily by low-cost carriers IndiGo and SpiceJet, bore the brunt of the damage. The collapse caused significant damage to the entrance area, with some support beams also giving way and damaging vehicles in the pick-up and drop-off zones.

The airport authority attributed the collapse to “heavy rain” at around 5 am (23:30 GMT on Thursday). Emergency personnel swiftly responded, providing necessary assistance and medical aid to those affected. The Press Trust of India news agency reported that the terminal area received approximately 148.5 mm of rain over three hours, surpassing the average rainfall for the entire month of June. This downpour, part of the annual monsoon season, also led to flooding in many parts of the capital.

Recent Refurbishments and Safety Concerns

The collapse occurred just months after Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a refurbishment project at the airport. The airport is considered one of his flagship infrastructure projects. The incident has made people question about safety and construction standards in the country. Minister Naidu clarified that the collapsed roof was part of an older building, opened in 2009, and not the newly inaugurated section by Modi.

An inquiry has been ordered into the collapse, and authorities are investigating the situation that led to the incident. The heavy rains, coupled with potential structural weaknesses in the older part of the terminal, are being considered as contributing factors.

This incident, Airport roof collapse in Delhi, highlights the urgent need for strict safety measures and regular maintenance checks, especially in infrastructure projects serving high volumes of people. The airport authority and emergency services are working diligently to restore normalcy and ensure the safety of passengers and staff.

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