Heavy Rain In Delhi Kills 11, Floods Roads And Disrupts Flight Operations

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Heavy rain in New Delhi the previous week has resulted in the death of 11 people, according to the Times of India. Among the victims were four individuals who drowned in submerged underpasses. The unexpected downpour has also disrupted flight operations in the Indian capital.

Earlier this month, New Delhi experienced one of its worst heat waves in history. The city then faced its heaviest rainfall in decades on June 28. The amount of rain in a single day surpassed the city’s average for the entire month.

Heavy rain in Delhi

Source: BBC

Impact on Infrastructure and Daily Life

The torrential rain led to a fatal roof collapse at one of the three terminals of Delhi’s main airport. This incident and the flooding of underpasses caused significant disruptions to flights. Massive traffic jams and power and water outages were reported in various parts of the city.

Nearly 60 flights from New Delhi’s main airport were canceled in the last 24 hours. An airport official mentioned that operations were mostly normal on Sunday. Most flights from the affected terminal were diverted to the other two terminals. However, the possibility of further flight cancellations during the day was not ruled out.

The Delhi airport is one of the country’s largest and busiest. Terminal 1 is currently closed and primarily used by low-cost carriers like IndiGo and SpiceJet. This terminal has a capacity to handle 40 million passengers annually.

Response and Ongoing Challenges

An IndiGo spokesperson did not comment on the flight cancellations, and a SpiceJet spokesperson was unavailable to provide an immediate response. The heavy rain and subsequent flooding have caused significant challenges for residents and authorities.

The city is grappling with the aftermath of the downpour, trying to restore normalcy. Authorities are working to clear flooded roads and restore power and water supply in the affected areas. The sudden shift from a severe heatwave to torrential rain has put a strain on the city’s infrastructure and emergency services.

Residents are advised to stay indoors and avoid flooded areas to ensure their safety during this heavy rain in New Delhi. The situation remains fluid, and authorities are closely monitoring the weather conditions.

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