Heatwave In India Kills At Least 56, Nearly 25000 Heat Strokes In March-May Reported

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India experienced a severe heatwave from March to May. This heatwave in India killed 56 people. Moreover, there have been nearly 25,000 cases of suspected heat stroke. All this government data has been released by local media.

May saw the worst of the heatwave, with temperatures in Delhi and Rajasthan soaring to 50 degrees Celsius. The intense heat affected daily life and raised concerns about public health. Data from the National Centre of Disease Control (NCDC) indicated that May alone accounted for 46 heat-related deaths.

Moreover, the month alone saw 19,189 suspected heat stroke cases. In the central state of Madhya Pradesh, over 5,000 heat stroke cases were reported. The heatwave also took a toll on those involved in the general elections. At least 33 people, including election officials, died of suspected heat stroke in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Odisha.

Heat wave in India

While northern and central India faced scorching temperatures, eastern parts of the country dealt with Cyclone Remal. The cyclone brought heavy rains to the northeastern state of Assam, resulting in 14 deaths since Tuesday.

The island nation of Sri Lanka also faced severe weather. Heavy monsoon rains there caused floods and landslides that killed at least 15 people. This was reported by the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) on Sunday.

Experts attribute the extreme weather to a combination of factors, exacerbated by human-driven climate change. This summer has been particularly intense in South Asia. This further highlights the region’s vulnerability to climate extremes.

Looking ahead, the weather office has predicted a slight respite from the heatwave conditions until Wednesday. Additionally, the early arrival of the monsoon in Kerala last week is expected to bring further relief.

As the heatwave in India killed 56 people till now, it has become a concerning situation. The significant loss of life and a high number of heat stroke cases are alarming. They underscore the urgent need for effective measures to address and mitigate the impacts of extreme heat and other climate issues.

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