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Green energy stocks in India are on a roll. But, to better understand why green energy stocks in India have risen and why India needs green energy, let us first understand its counterpart: fossil fuels. Fossils are the preserved remains of ancient living creatures. They include plants and animals. Fossil fuels are high in organic matter. Because of their rich organic content, they release energy when we burn them. Fossil fuels comprise coal, natural gas, and oil.

Their abundance and efficiency make them popular sources of fuel. But the energy from these sources comes at a price. The price is public and environmental health. Fossil fuels release vast quantities of pollutants and greenhouse gases when burned. The accumulation of greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere drives climate change and global warming.

Fossil fuels are also non-renewable. This means that, although they are abundant today, the world will run out of them one day. The Earth can replenish sources of fossil fuels, but not at the rate humans consume them.

Therefore, the world is shifting toward green energy to save the Earth and its environment from the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels. Green energy is an umbrella term for all renewable energy sources with negligible emissions. The most common green energy sources are solar, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric energy.

The pressing need for green energy has allowed many companies and businesses to capitalize on this need. Switching to green energy entails profits for the company and government support since governments worldwide are pushing the switch from non-renewable to renewable energy. Let’s now look at some of India’s popular green energy stocks.

Green Energy Stocks in India

1. Tata Power

Tata Power is leading India’s switch to renewable energy. It primarily deals in the business of distributing power and electricity. However, it also offers products like solar pumps, solar cells, etc.

The total energy generated by Tata Power stands at around 13 GW. Of this, 32% (around 4 GW) comes from renewable sources. The company hopes to increase its generation of energy from renewable sources to 15 GW by 2025.

Tata Power Solar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Power. It engages with large-scale solar engineering and solar construction projects for utility companies.

Until now, Tata Power has installed 416 MW worth of solar energy on customers’ rooftops. The company enjoys customer loyalty because of its proven track record of high-quality products. The past year has been a phenomenal one for the company. It enjoyed a great run on the stock exchange, with investors jumping to purchase stocks.

2. Sterling and Wilson Solar

This company deals with large-scale construction and management of solar projects. The company provides services in 24 countries. It’s a one-stop solution for individuals and companies looking to construct solar projects.

The company has worked on 255 projects worldwide. It generates 11.4 GW of energy distributed across various countries. It also maintains projects with a total capacity of 8.1 GE built by third-party companies. Every year, more and more investors make their way into the shares of this company.

Besides solar, it also manages waste-to-energy projects.

3. Websol Energy System

Websol Energy Systems is a leading company in manufacturing solar cells and modules. The company owns one of the largest cell and module manufacturing facilities in India, with a capacity of 250 MW.

The company produced photovoltaic crystalline solar cells and modules. They are one of the largest solar cell manufacturers in India. They are currently experimenting with new technology to decrease costs and increase profits and efficiency.

In 2021, the company reported a profit growth of 1550%. The government had a partial part to play in this growth. Declining power prices coupled with government incentives for adopting renewable energy played a significant role in increasing the company’s profits.

Green Energy Stocks in India


4. Zodiac Energy

Zodiac Energy is an electric services company. They are committed to protecting the environment by developing new clean energy, using minimal natural resources, and mainly providing solar energy solutions. They design, supply, and install solar cells and grids.

In the past, Zodiac Energy has been associated with conglomerates like the Adani Group and Gujarat Energy Development Agency.

5. Borosil Renewables

Borosil Renewables was the first solar glass manufacturer in India. It headed the solar energy revolution in India. The company commissioned its first solar glass manufacturing facility in 2010.

Borosil Renewables emerged as a saviour amidst the global energy crisis. Over time, stocks of Borosil Renewables have given positive and significant returns.

Green Energy Stocks in India


The Future of Green Energy Companies

Experts predict that green energy stocks in India will continue to receive high-ticket investments. Governments worldwide have committed themselves to building a better, sustainable future for humanity and the planet. Renewable energy plays an integral part in their climate-oriented policies. According to renewable energy industry experts, green energy stocks in India will grow in the upcoming years.

India’s renewable energy companies have already increased production to meet consumer demands. The increase in production will bring investments worth at least 80 billion dollars. Industry experts believe that the rise in the manufacture of renewable energy products will reduce the price of these resources. Cost reduction means that renewable energy can easily replace conventional fossil fuels like coal.

With green energy at the forefront of power energy’s growth, investors will want to capitalize on this up-and-coming sector. Businesses need to change in conjunction with the change in the availability of resources on the planet. Not only will old businesses change, but new ones will emerge to capitalize on and profit from these changes. India will decrease its dependence on non-renewable energy sources in the coming years.

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