Green Amendments: A Necessity For Environment Protection

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We have developed into a society that is focused on using environmental evaluations and permitting the legalization of pollution and degradation because of the laws and governance structure in place, which gives economic interests more access to power and political clout than ordinary citizens. Environmental harm is not prohibited by federal laws like the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Endangered Species Act, or their state equivalents; rather, they just call for the proper government evaluations and/or permissions that will supervise and manage it. The ongoing devastation has made Green Amendments a Necessity for Environment Protection.

Additionally, this system has established a presumption, even an expectation, that industry and government are right to pollute and damage our environment regardless of the harmful effects on health, safety, and the economy. This is because it purports to regulate rather than prevent harm.

What Is The Green Amendment?

Green Amendments are self-executing clauses included in a constitution’s bill of rights that acknowledge and defend everyone’s right to clean water, fresh air, a stable climate, and a healthy environment. The failure of our environmental laws has left a gaping hole in environmental protection, putting all of us in danger.

Over the past 50 years, a flurry of environmental protection laws has been implemented all over the world, yet despite this, environmental risks are becoming worse, and a climate catastrophe is developing. Protecting these fundamental human requirements becomes secondary since they are not seen as intrinsic rights with constitutional recognition and protection, such as clean air and water, a stable climate to live in, and healthy surroundings.

Why Do We Need Green Amendments?

By advocating for the adoption of “Green Amendments,” which would be constitutional amendments added to each state’s bill of rights section and recognize and protect everyone’s unalienable rights to clean water and air, a stable climate, and healthy environments, Green Amendments for The Generations hopes to change this legal paradigm.

A healthy ecosystem is acknowledged as being above the law, inherent, unassailable, generational, and belonging to all people through green amendments, which constitute a constitutional requirement. Government officials will be required to give environmental preservation first priority after the Green Amendments are implemented when promoting energy production, contemplating development, developing industry, and even creating and putting into effect laws and regulations. Planning, decision-making, and legislation must begin with the consideration of the state of the environment and its effects.

Green Amendments Time Has Come

With respect to our most prized basic freedoms, including free expression, freedom of religion, property rights, and the right to bear arms, green amendments provide an unambiguous and unmistakable mandate to defend environmental rights with the same legal rigour. Green amendments’ concise instructions leave little opportunity in any department of government for anti-environment agitation.

Constitutional green amendments that safeguard everyone’s right to a clean, safe, and healthy environment are now gaining ground in states all over our country.

Government officials will endeavour to prevent or minimize environmental harm if there are Green Amendments in place, as opposed to just managing it after the fact. Green Amendments would guarantee that science, facts, and environmental effects are taken into account as part of the initial government process. Because all people will have the same environmental rights that must be honoured and protected, green amendments will oblige regulators to comprehend the pollution and industrial burdens a community already bears and avoid unfairly targeting communities of colour, indigenous communities, and low-income communities. With the passing of the Green Amendments, communities will have the ability to hold politicians responsible when their actions, activities, and choices violate the constitutional rights of both the current and future generations to the environment.

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