G7 Finals A Deal To Shut Down Coal Power Plants By 2035

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Energy ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) major democracies have reached a landmark agreement. The G7 finals a deal to shut down coal power plants by 2035. This marks a significant move towards reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Italian energy minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, chairing the G7 ministerial meeting in Turin, announced a technical agreement among member nations to phase out coal power plants. The final political deal is set to be sealed on Tuesday.

G7 Finals A Deal To Shut Down Coal Power Plants By 2035

The forthcoming communique from the G7 ministers will outline commitments to decarbonize their economies. This includes the specific timeline for phasing out coal-fired stations. Italy, for instance, aims to cease coal-based electricity production by 2025, with an exception for Sardinia until 2028.

The accord underscores a broader global effort initiated at the COP28 United Nations climate summit last year. It was to gradually eliminate fossil fuels, with coal singled out as the most environmentally damaging.

Germany and Japan face considerable challenges due to their heavy reliance on coal for electricity generation. In these countries, coal contributed more than 25% of total electricity output last year.

Apart from coal, nuclear energy and biofuels are pivotal topics on the G7 agenda. These alternative energy sources will be included in the final communique as viable options for reducing carbon emissions across power generation and transportation sectors.

The G7 may also emphasize the need for a substantial increase in battery capacity by 2030. It’ll facilitate the storage of intermittent renewable energy sources. Sources suggest a potential six-fold rise in battery capacity compared to 2022 levels.

Furthermore, discussions are ongoing about potential restrictions on Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports into Europe. The European Commission is expected to propose measures underscoring the G7’s commitment to diversifying energy sources and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

As G7 finals a deal to shut down coal power plants, it’s a significant development. It’s a big decision in the global transition towards cleaner energy sources. By committing to these ambitious targets, member nations are taking concrete steps. These steps will help combat climate change and pave the way for a sustainable future.

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