From Where Can We Buy Carbon Credits Online?

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Taking a long airway trip is one of the worst things you could do for the planet. However, for many, especially business people, completely eliminating flying forever is not a viable option. Enter carbon offsets. So, how do you actually buy and use carbon offsets?

It is surprising and alarming how many climate change inducing carbon emissions we humans are responsible for simply while living, driving, and working. Carbon offsets cancel out your emissions by reducing carbon emissions somewhere else in the world. When you buy offsets, you support programs that reduce emissions. The projects could include capturing methane from landfills and livestock farms, developing renewable energy facilities, or distributing clean cooking stoves.  

The best way to buy carbon credits is directly from the source. It means purchasing them directly from the organization responsible for the project you want to support. However, some people find this a tedious and laborious task. Most people find it convenient to buy credits from online platforms instead. In this article, we’re going to look at the different ways and the different platforms via which you and your business can buy carbon credits.

Purchasing Carbon Credits Online

1. Terapass

From Where Can We Buy Carbon Credits Online?

Terapass supports projects ranging from reforestation and sustainable development to wind energy plants. Their projects foster the growth of local communities worldwide. They provide carbon reduction packages such as the personal carbon offset package, the eco-tourist bundle, the festive bundle, etc. Their large-scale carbon reduction projects include renewable energy and landfill as capture.


2. Gold Standard

From Where Can We Buy Carbon Credits Online?

The Gold Standard provides its clients with a list of all certified projects. It’s called the Gold Standard Impact Registry. The Gold Standard also provides you with the option to directly reach out to project developers for carbon credit purchases.

80% of the proceeds they receive go directly to project developers. It helps them continue and expand their projects. 20% of the proceeds go toward maintaining the website platform, the registry, etc.


3. One Carbon World

From Where Can We Buy Carbon Credits Online?

One Carbon World is a non-profit organization. It is carbon-neutral and a global resource partner of the United Nations Climate Change’s ‘Climate Neutral Now Initiative.’

One Carbon World operates in over 24 countries, compensating for around 20 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. They offer carbon credits via activities ranging from reforestation projects in South America to greenhouse gas conversion projects in Gujarat, India.


4. Carbon Trade Xchange

From Where Can We Buy Carbon Credits Online?

Carbon Trade Xchange is a leading platform for buying and selling voluntary carbon credits. The website boasts of some of the lowest transaction fees for carbon offsets. It is connected to various registries across Asia, Africa, Europe, and the US. Carbon Trade Xchange includes only verified and certified carbon reduction projects in its registries.


5. South Pole

All of South Pole’s projects adhere to internationally recognized standards for emission reduction projects. They ensure the environmental integrity of their projects by having them regularly audited by third-party organizations. South Pole is a member of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA). They provide purchasers with carbon credits that adhere to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).


6. Cool Effect

Cool Effect ensures that over 90% of every dollar you give goes directly to the carbon offset project of your choice. It triple-verifies every carbon project it represents and the science behind it. It sponsors projects like converting landfill gas (methane) to electricity, planting back forests, renewable energy technologies, and restoring prairie land.


7. Atmosfair

Atmosfair is a non-profit organization based in Germany. It contributes to mitigating carbon emissions by developing, promoting, and financing renewable energy technologies across 15 countries worldwide. Their main focus is on helping airline passengers to offset their flight emissions. They allow individuals and businesses to buy carbon credits only for the emissions they can’t avoid or reduce.


8. My Climate

Till date, through its projects, MyClimate has helped offset around 13.46 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide. The organization has also helped in the creation of 20,000 jobs for locals around the world. Here, people can buy carbon credits by supporting efficient cookers for local groups, planting trees, clean drinking water production, and installation of solar home systems.


9. 3Degrees

All carbon offset projects at 3Degrees are verified by third-party organizations. They ensure that their projects remain registered under internationally-recognized carbon offset standards. This ensures that every offset purchased is real, measurable, and permanent. Some of its high-profile clients include Etsy and Pacific Power. One of its unique projects is the conservation of cold stream water for salmon on California’s coast.


10. ClimateCare

ClimateCare has a portfolio of around 50 environmental projects across 30 countries. The organization says that it will reduce 1 billion tonnes of carbon emissions by 2030. They develop and deliver only the highest quality carbon-financed projects. Through their projects, they create carbon credits and energy attribute certificates.

What The Future Holds

Carbon credits help companies and individuals indirectly reduce their emissions when they cannot directly reduce them. Buying and selling carbon credits have today become a critical aspect of every business.

With companies now racing to become ‘net-zero’, the demand for offsets is soaring. Buying carbon credits are a great way to offset your emissions by investing in emission-reducing activities.

Apart from reducing emissions, many offset projects provide additional benefits to local communities. Some of the benefits include efficient cooking stoves, an additional source of income via regenerative farming and reforestation drives, etc.

Carbon credits provide an excellent opportunity for businesses, companies, governments, and individuals to contribute to sustainable development and achieve global emission and climate goals.

Carbon credits provide solutions to the challenges of going completely emission-free.

Many companies offer ways to buy carbon credits online. Since a carbon credit represents one equivalent ton of carbon dioxide, purchasing even one credit goes a long way in removing emissions from the atmosphere.

The first step is to calculate your carbon footprint. Next, browse the websites and choose the emission-reducing project most suited to your footprint. Many companies offer packages for small-scale and large-scale emission reductions. Some even offer ‘green wedding’ packages and unique ‘flight offset’ packages.



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