Fog Engulfs India Disrupting Flight & Train Schedule

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As Fog engulfs India, Delhi, the country’s bustling capital, finds itself amid an intense coldwave. This unexpected and severe fog crisis has led to widespread air and train travel disruptions throughout the region.

On a chilly Tuesday morning, Fog engulfs India, leading to the city being blanketed in a dense fog. This atmospheric condition significantly impacted visibility, affecting transportation services across the region. As reported by airport sources and relayed by ANI, the impact on air travel was substantial, with about 30 flights from Delhi facing delays and another 17 being cancelled. The rail network was also affected, as nearly 30 trains arriving in Delhi experienced delays, a direct result of the reduced visibility due to the fog.

Travellers at Delhi’s airport and railway stations were left in a state of uncertainty, facing extended delays and cancellations. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) commented on the situation, noting visibility levels of 500 meters at Delhi Palam and Safdarjung Airports early in the morning.

The IMD had earlier forecasted dense fog conditions over Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Chandigarh, and Punjab, which were expected to persist until Tuesday. Additionally, the weather department predicted cold to severe cold conditions across north India during this period.

Fog Engulfs India Disrupting Flight & Train Schedule

The coldwave has brought record-low temperatures to the capital, with Safdarjung Observatory recording a minimum of 3.3°C and Lodhi Road Observatory marking 3.1°C. The mercury in Delhi has been consistently below 4 degrees Celsius, presenting residents with a prolonged period of biting cold.

In Chandigarh, another north Indian city, the fog led to the cancellation of three flights and delays in several others. In response to the extreme weather conditions, local authorities have announced the closure of elementary schools in the city after January 20, while schools for higher classes will commence late, at 9.30 am.

The IMD has issued a red alert in Punjab and Haryana, indicating severe cold day conditions. Sub-zero temperatures were recorded in many areas across these states on Monday, signifying the harshness of the coldwave.

This weather event has caused immediate disruptions and raised concerns about cities’ preparedness to handle such extreme weather conditions. The current situation in north India serves as a reminder of the impacts of changing climatic patterns and the need for robust infrastructural planning to mitigate similar crises.

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